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Chinese Health

Chinese Health

Health Tea Will Be A Breakthrough In The Pharmaceutical Industry

In 5000 the Chinese nation thrive for many years, the Chinese medicine is the main tool people health treatment has played an important role. Today, China has 1% of world health expenditure to solve 22% of the world's population, health care issues, the average life expectancy comparable with the developed countries, the public health system so that medical coverage to reach 85%. In which Chinese medicine, "easy to clean test" advantage play a decisive role.

However, according to "China's Sankei Shimbun" reporter's investigation, though more and more people trust in traditional Chinese medicine, but our development of the industry also faced unprecedented challenges.

China claims to traditional Chinese medicine, tea big country; several thousand years, Chinese tea and indeed the world's top ranks, but after the 15th century, India and the United Kingdom gradually erode China's share to the current Chinese tea in the international arena there is no one with big brand ; traditional Chinese medicine is currently in the world market share of only 3% -5%, while Japan and Germany made a "medicine", an annual amount of imports to China are much larger than this figure. Face the same situation, how to do this in medicine? TCM will repeat the mistakes of tea?

Writer Bo Yang said: "Chinese medicine is the best in traditional Chinese culture of abandoned children, if no one helping hand, the Chinese culture that a fine crystal, probably swept out from the earth. This is not only China's loss, is also the loss of human civilization. "medicine, such as die in our hands of this generation, we will be condemned by history.

And internal medicine increasingly decline compared to Japan and South Korea the United States and Germany and other countries have competed to strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine research. China is considered old-fashioned and backward in the pharmaceutical industry is becoming internationally recognized as a sunrise industry, but also future investment hot spot, the Chinese medicine industry represents the direction of the green treatment. China is the birthplace of traditional Chinese medicine, but the current market, the world's Botanical been in Japan, South Korea and other partition. Hot on the market in Germany and France, ginkgo biloba, Japan's save the soul of Chinese medicine Dan is a "derivative." Anti-eat Chinese imports of Chinese medicine has started to become citizens must face the grim reality.

Why not open the situation of China's export of Chinese medicine? Some managers and experts believe that the state the key issues of market access of Chinese medicine is very difficult to medicine through the national drug management as a drug to enter the international market, can only health care products and food additives in the form of sales, sales value and therefore low. The problem is the standardization of Chinese medicine into the international mainstream of the pharmaceutical market in one of the barriers has become a constraining bottleneck for China's access to international markets is the export of Chinese medicine's largest technical barriers to trade.

Other hand, Chinese medicine

The strengths of Chinese medicine is not the rule acute disease, serious illness, "Huang Di Nei Jing" There goes: "An ounce of dead has been ill for treating disease," meaning that the wisest doctors are not treating the disease has already occurred, but people are not health Conditioning illness, or small Jiyu not a scourge of the disease, this is the doctor right way. However, Chinese medicine, this advantage has not been fully exploit and use, but Western medicine is more than the speed of treatment, effect, or copy the model of Western medicine is indeed a sacrifice to take a short length.

In fact, no matter the Western health management, or the Chinese health culture, and have emphasized disease before the first defense, rather than the rule only sick or terminally ill before seeking re-miracle-working doctor. However, without exception in modern hospitals to cure illness and serious illness itself, on the one hand rule appears to have more serious illness before the level of the other, more serious illness have cost-effective at all, and such has actually deviated from the origin of disease prevention and health, care of this and by at the end.

High security characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine known around the world, therefore, of Chinese medicine had a "medical waste deposit medicine" the idea of man-made fragmentation Chinese medicine theories and traditional Chinese medicine, would like to abolish traditional Chinese medicine theory, and let the whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation, no disease First Anti-advantage theory and so unable to play, leaving only the use of Chinese medicine, making this a safe and effective traditional Chinese medicine treatment tool has been damaged, not only little effect, but also increase the toxic side effects, and even many adverse reactions, is rooted in a one-sided mechanical the use of traditional Chinese medicine to Western ideas and measure the use of traditional Chinese medicine and non-professional experts command points.

Chinese medicine in the treatment cost is also unique. In 2003, "SARS" of treatment, Chinese medicine have attracted worldwide attention, not only obvious treatment effect, but also inexpensive. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Hospital attached to a most expensive one cases of SARS patients who took only 5,000, while the Western treatment of SARS patients in a cost ranging from 3-100 million.

To sum up, Chinese medicine should be based on health and disease prevention, chronic disease mainly conditioning, rather than serious illness or treatment of serious illness occupancy rates, in order to not only highlight the characteristics of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has played advantage and really allow Chinese medicine for human health made outstanding contributions to, or even change the way people ignore the conditioning regimen, patients died of non-critical, modern hospitals are overcrowded status quo.

Health tea will be a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry

The internationalization of China's pharmaceutical industry breakthrough may be in Chinese medicine. Liu Yanhua, vice minister of Science and Technology March 21, 2007, said, Chinese medicine is our most original innovation potential subject areas, is expected to become a breakthrough in China's science and technology to the world.

Since the conditioning regimen is the strengths of Chinese medicine, then the health conditioning products should also be the advantages of Chinese medicine products, but also the direction of valuable industry. Among them, health tea products, as the representative of conditioning regimen, there is great potential and vast space.

China is the homeland of tea, tea, tea drinking has been for thousands of years of history. Tea with fitness, Liao Ji's effectiveness, but also cultivate their sentiments. The herbal tea is even more one of the features unique to China. In our country people, there are "drugs make up less Sibu, Sibu than Tea Therapy" at all.

In recent years, Wong Lo Kat, Huang Zhenlong, old tea, herbal medicine and other brands also explains the rise of consumer demand in the market huge.

To health herbal tea to make a breakthrough into the international market, on one hand access to Western markets to circumvent the drug problem, on the other hand has chosen to broader than the health care pharmaceuticals market. With the successful hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese elements to be very popular, and health herbal tea, as a representative of traditional Chinese culture, there are Dongfeng multiplicative potential.

The key point in the pharmaceutical industry

A famous old Chinese joked that one day will be engaged in Chinese medicine practice of Chinese medicine destroyed. Encapsulates the Chinese medicinal herbs cultivation, production, processing, storage and outstanding problems that exist. As a raw material for traditional Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal medicine on the source of problems, such as: medicine is not authentic, the active ingredient content is not high, substandard goods, substitutes for medicine medicine, etc., is bound to affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Therefore, the standardization of Chinese herbal plant, scientific processing, processing, storage is to ensure that a prerequisite for efficacy of Chinese medicine products. Only curative effect in order to have the market, safe, effective pharmaceuticals basis for their existence.

Chinese medicine products, followed by the production process, most of the traditional Chinese medicines Chinese herbal medicines and herbal extracts from medicinal powder, purity is not high, the material basis of Chinese medicine research is not enough, so the Chinese medicine "thick black" image is not a qualitative change, from traditional Chinese medicine effective slow and low therapeutic index still exists. Such as: the current herbal tea, granular formulations are mostly contains a lot of sugar, sugar can cause overweight, do not use health and disease prevention in itself incompatible with the original intention of herbal tea and medicinal dosage is insufficient, but also to add preservatives, flavor, dextrin and other chemical components, leading to little effect, and health dwindled in value, also has limited use. Although there are some sales, but primarily rely on the people's living habits to maintain long-term, but the long run, I am afraid the market will fade out.

The good news is, there are some wise manufacturers and research institutes are moving in the direction of Chinese medicine, health and disease prevention efforts and develop a number of innovative products, not only inherit and carry forward the strengths of Chinese medicine, but also in line with modern health and fashion trend. Such as "Old Tea Doctor" brand series of Herbal Tea, use of native herbal extract, do not add sugar, dextrin, preservatives, coloring, straightening agent chemical composition of flavor, natural pure, not only improves the results, and good taste, easy to the formation of long-term drinking habits, to facilitate industrialization and promotion, there is a vast market space.

In addition, the production of standardized, product branding are all of Chinese medicine can enter the international market, the key to open up a blue ocean.

Save the traditional Chinese medicine, a two-pronged government enterprises.
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