Chinese Knot

by admin on July 14, 2009

Chinese Knot

Chinese Knot

Chinese Knots Boom In Both Wholesale & Retail

The Chinese knots sold in Yiwu wedding & festival products market are booming in both wholesale and retail. The traditional Chinese lunar new year is coming soon, and the sales of festival products, like paper-cut for window decoration, pendants, small firecrackers, and so on, are all in hot sales, which have become the first choice of customers.

Chinese Knots Boom in Both Wholesale & Retail

There are rich varieties of styles of new year pendants for tiger year in Yiwu wedding & festival products wholesale market, and most of them are warmly welcomed by the purchasers, especially the red Chinese knots. The new styles of 2010 are added with LED lamps, having almost dozens of different patterns. As the dealers introduced, red color is a symbol of happiness and joy. These Chinese knots are also well-received by foreign purchasers for the high ethnic flavors, which are popular among overseas Chinese market.

It is known from the dealers in Yiwu wholesale market that the market has huge demand of Chinese knots in Spring Festival of every year. With novel designs and profound meaning, Chinese knots are ideal gifts for relatives and friends.

Red color is a symbol of happiness and joy in Chinese culture

There are rich varieties of styles of Chinese knots

Sales address: Shop 6445, 1st District, Yiwu International Trade Mart

Source: China Commodity City

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Chinese knot

I keep getting nauseated after I eat food, what is wrong with me?

I have had this problem for awhile now, its even been one of my old questions. Ok well here is the problem...

I went to the airport and ate at ManchuWok chinese food at the foodcourt, then I got on a plane to Las Vegas, met up with my sister and her bf, and we ate at another crappy place, (service was bad, food was bad) my sister and her bf suffered stomach aches, but they got better. Me, I wasnt. My allergies suddenly became 100x worse, it felt like there was a knot in my chest, chest pain, nausea, loss of appetite. After awhile, the knot in my chest went away, allergies went away, but the nausea didnt. It has been about two months, and every time I eat food, I get nauseated. This all started since I ate at ManchuWok.

My question is... What is wrong with me? (I cannot go to the doctor right now due to financial problems...)

This is serious and I dont want people giving some random answer, please help.
I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. Finally.

sounds like it could be phsycological... you can't get past the sight of food that you consumed that was gross, and everytime now it's in your sight it triggers that memory... and then again it could be that you have some sort of bacteria from the gross food still in your system

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