Hanging Crystal

by admin on January 28, 2009

Hanging Crystal

Hanging Crystal

How to Purchase Crystal Chandelier

Chandelier is exactly any light that hangs from the ceiling of a home. Most people think about crystal chandelier as they hear the word chandelier.

Most people relate crystal chandeliers with ornate, baroque decorating styles. There are thousands of styles of crystal chandeliers for you to choose from, which you can hang on your dining room, living room or foyer. Whenever you plan to put the crystal chandelier, it will definitely add beauty and spark to your home.

There are some steps that you should follow in purchasing the right crystal chandelier for your home. These would help you to make sure that the crystal chandelier you purchase can fit your home.

You have to measure the height of the room where you will hang your crystal chandelier. The crystal chandelier should not exceed 30 inches above your head. It will appear dwarfed, if you hung it too high.

You have to consider the exact room you prepare to hang your crystal chandelier. Different rooms entitle to have different crystal chandelier style and size. There are some guidelines that you can use in order for you to determine the size. If you will put crystal chandelier to your living room, you have to choose crystal chandelier that is 20 to 30 percent of your living room’s width. If you have to hang it on your entrance hall, you have to choose crystal chandelier that is 30 to 40 percent of your foyer’s width. If you plan to put the crystal chandelier at your dining room, you have to choose crystal chandelier that is 1.5 to 2 feet wide if you have a six person dining table; if your dining table is an eight person, then you have to choose crystal chandelier that is 2.0 to 2.5 feet wide; for 10 to 12 people, you have to choose one that is 2.5 to 3.5 feet wide.

As you add the total watt of all the bulbs of the crystal chandelier when added all together should not exceed to 200 to 400 watts. You have to purchase the right bulbs in order to make sure of your home’s safety. Also if you are going to hang the crystal chandelier, before to do that, you have to check the electric box first and look if it can support additional lights.

You have to choose a crystal chandelier style that will hang not exceeding thirty inches above your table tops. You have to choose a style of crystal chandelier that emphasis the architectural style of your home rather than the décor alone of your room. In considering this, you are just making sure that your crystal chandelier is suited with your home, so it will absolutely give elegance and sophistication to your home.

You have to decide whether to use clear crystals, colored crystals or a combination of the two, you have match it with the architectural style of your home.

You have to look around to find the crystal chandelier that has the best price. To have to take note that high-end crystal chandeliers are priced according to its quality as well by the quantity and sizes of the crystals.

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Hanging With The Crystal Method On All Access

is it ok to have a crystal in our entrance to our living room,and how does that coinside with feng shui?

it is a tiny crystal hanging from our archway into the living room. is this good feng shui or bad?

Feng shui was used by the Chinese and its precepts would tend to refer more to their country with sharp peaks, swirling winds and large rivers than it may to those living in a country with a different geography. It also incorporates their beliefs, so it may depend on whether you share these beliefs or inheritance, where you now live and the design of your house,street, town or wherever you live. Feng shui works in that planning your building, altering some minor points, and keeping it tidy do work on the way you feel, think and so act. AS few of us can afford to build to their own design we have to make do with what we have.

A crystal should be pleasant, especially if it catches the sun and so sparkles and as long as it does not hit anyone as they walk by. It draws in light which should lift your feelings.

You have not said what you think is the purpose, if any, of this crystal. If you wish to practice feng shui, think about the room adjacent to the living room and in what part of the house, regarding north, south, east or west, is the living room. These would all matter for feng shui.

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