Wave Arm

by admin on December 11, 2009

Wave Arm

Wave Arm

Tone Upper Arms-great Triceps Exercise for Fantstic Arms


It can be difficult to tone your arms. Any woman that has experienced that jiggle of the arm as she’s waved goodbye can attest to this. The good news is that if you are in good shape and are just looking to tone upper arms there are a few simple exercises that can do wonders to work your triceps.

Exercise One: Triceps Dip

Begin with finding a chair or something similar that has an edge that you can utilize for the exercise.

Start the exercise by facing away from the chair and place the heel of your palm on the edge.

Place your feet approximately thirty inches from the chair.

Then lower your body down as far as you can and hold for five to ten seconds. Do about three sets for fifteen reps.

Exercise Two: Backwards Lift (You will needs weights)

With the weights in hand extend your arms out at your side. Make sure that your feet are set apart at shoulder width.

Raise your arms behind you as far as you can comfortably with your palms facing backwards.

Bring your arms back to original position.

Repeat this for three sets of fifteen reps.

Exercise Three: Overhead Triceps Press (You will need weights)

Hold the weights comfortably with your legs shoulder width apart.

Bring the weights up until they are above your head and your arms are almost completely extended.

The slowly bend your elbow behind your head until they are at about a ninety degree angle.

Raise the weights back above the head. Repeat this motion for three sets of fifteen reps.


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techno Arm Wave thing????

does anybody kno w if theres a specific name 4 it ?

Type "dance arm wave" into google and sites will come up. There is a site that explains how to do this in words and a 5 star you tube tutorial on how to do the wave with your arm.

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