Yantra Hindu

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Yantra Hindu

Yantra Hindu

What is Tantra?

Tantra is one of the three branches of Hindu mystic sciences. Tantra cannot be mixed with or misinterpreted as religion or religious practice. Neither is Tantra spiritualism in the perfect sense.

Tantra can be described as a mix of religion and spiritualism, with the sole aim of rectifying any malady when prayers, medicines, meditation or any other regular common mode of solutions, has not provided with results.

The other two schools of rectification are Yantra and Mantra. Tantra is the third, it again is a mix of both these (Yantra and Mantra) additionally using Tatwa (physical items commonly or uncommonly available).

The practice of Tantra, can be explained as using the natural characteristics, energies and aura of an item or multiple items to solve problems by further energizing and amplifying the energies with the use of Yantra and Mantra, who themselves are energizing modes on their own.

Let’s just understand this with a small example.

Lotus Seeds (Kamal Kakdi) are considered to be LaxmiVardhak (increasing wealth), as Lord Vishnu the creator of the world and life likes it and as Lotus is a symbol of Laxmi (Vishnu’s wife). Thus a naturally available Lotus seed is just a regular Tatva (an item). When the lotus seed is then further energized with a Sankalp (Intention) and is exposed to the energies resonating out of the continuous chant of a Mantra, of a stipulated quantity of chants (usually in thousands or lakhs) for a particular period of time, on a regular daily basis, the aura of the lotus seed changes and gets energized to attract wealth towards its bearer. This whole process is called Tantra (weaving, surrounding, creating) a strong aura for a special purpose.

At times, a single product may not be used, but more items, two, three, four or more may be required, depending on the problem, the intensity of the problem. Sometimes Yantras are also used in addition to the item/s and Mantra. Tantra is always personalized, it cannot be general and mass produced for sales, Tantra is always custom made and generated for the person in question. So never ever buy such Tantric products, which are not personalized.

Tantra though originally generated around the principles of Hinduism and Vedas, with the basic aim to offering highly powerful remedies to the common man, it then permeated into Jainism, Buddhism and other religions, at least within India. Though the Mantras, Yantras and the Gods in whose presence (actually witness) Tantra is performed, in Jainism and Buddhism are different. The procedures may differ depending on the principles practices of the respective religion.

Tantra too is of three different types. Good – Neutral – Bad. Currently the world over, people consider Tantra as the Bad Tantra only. This is generally to create problems towards others, like making them sick, hypnotizing a person, creating differences in a relationship and breaking it up and the like. The Neutral Tantra is both good and bad, while the Bad Tantra is for the bad and ill will as evil for the one on whom it is performed. This can be classified as Saatvic – Rajasic and Tamasic Tantra respectively.

Tantra, is sometimes misinterpreted with Hatha Yoga or Hatha Yogis, Naga Baavaas, Aghoris, Kapalis. These kind of people do practice Tantra, but they usually practice Tamasic Yantra, the Bad Tantra. As worldly and material gains of all kinds, is the Mantra of the times, such kind of practices have evolved in majority through such kind of people. This is but not true Tantra. Please do refrain from such ideas of Tantra.

Tantra is pure and not magic, neither black magic, nor voodoo and neither obscene or dirty or filthy. Tantra is useful provided one practices the Satvic Tantra, which is what is propagated and practiced here.

Rikhav Khimasia


About the Author

Rikhav Khimasia is Professional Astrologer - Alternative Healer - Vaastu practitioner with 10 years of experience and over 30000 horoscope readings. Master in Vedic and Western Astrology. Motto- Solve The Client's Problem anyhow.

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Desert Hindu Shrine

Hindus: Why Ravan is treated as Devil ??

He was a Brahmin

He was very wise and master of astronomy, astrology, tantra, manta, yantra

He was devotee of shiva?

Is it a conspiracy of Vaishnavites to make him a villain ?
OK you asked in USA, and i asked in India, let us both exchange BA 😉
TIMSY: ??? very good answer !!!

Ravan was very intelligent person and he was son of Brahmin sage.
There is no conspiracy of Vaishanvites to make him villian.It is
humans who start divide and rule. It is just the mentality of humans
to create competition between God Shiva and God Vishnu .
The fact is these 2 gods praise each other and even had worshipped
each other or taken incarnations to help each other.

Ravan is praised in Ramanyana for his intelligence,wisdom and
as far as his good deeds are concerned. Ravan is treated as
evil or devil for spreading adharma during his lifetime and creating
havoc to the peaceful persons.
He kidnapped a married women who was devoted to her husband
is not acceptable in a respectable society. For this act, he is
further given a negative image.

One should remember that in Ramanya in North India version,
Ravan is praised for possessing knowledge of vedas,bravery etc
He is criticised for torturing innocent people or his army
doing on his orders and killing sages who had worshipped

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