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Dreams- Dreams of Mum- Premonition or Just a Dream

 I had a dream I was put in hospital overnight for observation, in case I had concussion, it was a mental hospital.

While I was in the room, 3 different shaped blue balloons floated into the room after me, they were evil, I put a pillow on them, and then they were gone.

My partner and son, only 5 years old, came to stay with me at the hospital in my bed, a double bed overnight and sleep with me. We all fell asleep, I awoke during the night and saw standing beside me , in the corner of the room my mother( now deceased in real life). Instead of getting scared which I would do in real life, I decided to ask her why she was here, but she didn't and wasn't aloud to tell me. I reached out and touched her on the arm, and I actually felt her, she didn't seem like a apparition or ghost, but like she was real.

She only said that I would soon pay her a visit, by her saying this, I took it that I would temporally die somehow but would be revived, and I had the distinct impressed she was there to let me know that someone around me was going to die and it would greatly upset me and that it would happen within the next few months approximately and that is why she came to see me.

She also said that I should look in the mirror, and asked if I knew why I was in hospital and I said no. She said I had , had an accident, someone had hit me and I had either fallen down some stairs or had an accident.

I went to the bathroom and looked in both mirrors, and I saw dried blood and an injury to my forehead. I had injured and hit my head somehow. The nurse later came into the bathroom and I told her I had ,had a dream about my mother, and didn't let her know it was real. I hoped she thought I wasn't insane, but I thought she just thought it was a dream and I had a head injury and thought nothing of it. Psychics have many dreams and some are totally premonitions or sometimes only part of the dream is a psychic message, which needs to be listen too and interpretated as a sign of what is to come in the future.

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I am a Psychic/Clairvoyant, with gifts of these abilities from birth.I also have the gift of clairsentience,and can remote view,gift of visions.

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