Are Ghost Hunting Shows Real

by admin on January 8, 2010

are ghost hunting shows real

are ghost hunting shows real

Become A Real Life Ghostbuster

So many people these days want to start their own paranormal investigation teams and become a real life ghostbuster. It's important that you don't go to a paranormal investigation ill prepared, and there are a few essential things that you will need if you want any chance at all of seeing something out of the ordinary. In this article I will be explaining what you will need and why. This will almost certainly increase your chances of seeing, hearing or even feeling a ghost and having the proof to show other people.

1.Always take a video camera with you

Always take as many video cameras as you can and set them up around places that have a lot of ghostly activity. Make sure they are all set up on a tripod so anything you see will be easily recognisable. It is a bonus if you have a digital video camera as they tend to hold a lot more memory than tape and also are easier to transfer over to a PC for an analysis.

2.Always make notes throughout the investigation

Throughout the entire investigation from start to finish you should always be taking down notes on the location, time and experience. It is very important that you keep an accurate measure of this down to the second, this will make the cross referencing part of the analysis a whole lot easier. If you have one available then you can use a dictaphone.

3.Always have a sound recorder running

Very often whether its day or night you will pick up EVP. When recording EVP you should always run the sound recorder for at least 30 seconds before you start trying to contact the dead. If you are using an analogue recorder then background noise is required, if you are doing everything digitally then this doesn't matter. EVP should always be crossed referenced with video recordings at a particular time when there is paranormal activity, this will increase your chances of actually finding something.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding any ghostly activity. The important part though is presenting that data to others as proof. There are sadly many skeptics out there out to prove you wrong. There are ghost hunting programs out there that will help you analyse data professional and generate a detailed conclusion at the end. If you are serious about becoming a real life ghostbuster then this is a must.

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Paranormal Investigation (Ghost Hunting) Ouija Board

Ghost Adventures - is the team professional, or overly dramatic, for tv?

The camera is constantly being focused on Zak's face, and it seems too much is lost due to the concentration on his pretty face. Aaron is constantly scared and yelling "Oh my God!!!!" Nick and Zak seem to take turns getting possessed. Is this ghost hunting crew for real, or just putting on a good show for so-called "reality tv"?
AlphaGuy - I asked a particular question, and you gave a generalized, unhelpful opinion. If you cannot give incite, please keep quiet.

The team was a real group of investigators before the show. I am not sure how much the network is over dramatizing but I know it's all about the ratings.

These guys all act incredibly stupid and give paranormal investigation a bad name. I am sure most of the goofy stuff that happens is made up with maybe a seed of truth just like the "based on a true story" movies.

As for getting possessed? How in the 'bleeep' could anyone get possessed almost every week while the rest of society goes happily by for years without the slightest experience? Including the people who live in the places these guys go to (I won't say investigate).

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