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by admin on February 4, 2010

famous ghosts

famous ghosts

Film Review: Ghost Rider

The special effects are good.

That’s about all the good I can say about this debacle of a comic book turned movie franchise. It wasn’t enough that writer/director Mark Steven Johnson ruined DAREDEVIL but to ruin another decent comic book that was GHOST RIDER is inexcusable. The main reason this film fails on so many levels derives from the weak, unoriginal, and derivative script. From that point on there was nowhere else to go but down.

The script plays out like a bad issue of TALES OF THE GHOST RIDER not even good enough to be featured in the main title. Don’t get me wrong, all the plot points that Syd Field describes in his famous books are all present, so, you will least get a film that has a plot and direction. The fault lies in the translation to screen where the dialogue falls flat and the actors come off as two-dimensional and the plot is something resembling a story I’ve seen somewhere before or heard somewhere before or … well, you get the picture.

It’s an uninspired mess. Nicolas Cage is channeling something between a traditional cowboy and Elvis Presley which if he was consistent it might have worked but Cage is a cowboy in one screen then Elvis in the next and it comes off as laughable (kind of like his performance in CON AIR).

Neither Peter Fonda nor Eva Mendes have anything to do and both have seen better days and appear like they are “slumming” here (although there’s a good chance that they did this movie thinking it was going to be “cool”). The greatest atrocity goes to Wes Bentley as Ghost Rider’s nemesis Blackheart. In the comic Blackheart is to Ghost Rider what The Joker is to Batman but in this film he comes off as a second rate Poison Ivy (BATMAN & ROBIN). Bentley himself has never lived up to the potential on display in his breakout success AMERICAN BEAUTY but this is an all time low. His Blackheart makes Sharon Stone’s performance in CATWOMAN Oscar worthy. His henchmen The Hidden, all easily forgettable, do nothing for his defense.

The only thing remotely decent about the film are the special effects on display when they bring the fame headed Ghost Rider to life. For years someone has been trying to get this film made but the special effects just were not available at the time, but now they are as the title character is brought to life seamlessly. I was appalled at how bad the story was in regards to how well the SFX were, but this is a Hollywood film and as such they don’t want anything original or that could actually be both entertaining and good. They want to pander down to the lowest common denominator.

So, the only people who will really enjoy this film is the ten to sixteen year olds…and anyone else who thinks that just because it’s a comic book different standards should be held in its favor.

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Does Paraguay have any famous ghost stories?

I'm doing a school project on how Paraguay celebrates Halloween. Since I found that that country celebrates in a very "American" way--jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating--I thought I'd include a ghost story or urban legend. Does anyone know of any popular ones?

lol. paraguay celebrates halloween because americans do... there is no "halloween" like mexicans have similar to us. they really dont do jack o lanterns or trick or treating... they might have some decorations up at their house or something, but nothing like us....

so there is this one urban legand that is very popluar that ive learneed about... Pombero.
if you cant see this link, just google Pombero.
its a folk tale known mostly in the country side, but everyone knows it.

good luck!

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