Gettysburg Ghost Hunting Tours

by admin on January 6, 2010

gettysburg ghost hunting tours

gettysburg ghost hunting tours

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Gettysburg Ghost Hunt

Good Places to visit in Gettysburg? (Haunted!!)?

My friends and I are driving out to gettysburg today to try to ghost hunt! (we only live about 30minutes away) and we're trying to make sure we go to a lot of good places that are known to be haunted. We're doing the normal auto tour for the battlefield but i would like to visit other places. We will be going to devil's den but i was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences...where were you? what happened? we want to go to a good haunted place there. Has anyone been to Sach's covered bridge? Any Little roundtop stories? Cemetery lodge? those are all places we've heard are haunted. If you have any to add to our list feel free to share anything and everything 🙂 thanks!!

I've investigated several places at Gettysburg, and was lucky to do it at night, before they put up the new law closing the entire area after dusk.

Devil's Den - was sitting at the very top; started to hear walking on the nearby gravel path, but couldn't see anyone. Took a photo and got a big orb in the very spot I was hearing hte footsteps.

Triangular Field - walking down the path through the woods and just started talking to whomever might be "present". Suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and a strong odor of tobacco; no one was there but me.

Iverson's Pits (behind the monument of the Eternal Flame) - was with another person and I was suddenly confronted with deep sorrow. I could picture a young man, about 16, who kept asking me to help him go home, that he missed his mother and wanted to go home. Then saw an older man take the boy by the arm, to lead him away, and he said to me, "don't worry ma'am, I'll look after him"; they had on Confederate uniforms. My friend couldn't see the soldiers, but she did get orbs on her photos in the same area I was standing.

Sach's Bridge - footsteps through the bridge while everyone is standing still; the sounds of children playing on the river bed, but no children visible. About halfway down the bridge is a red stain that comes and goes.

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