Ghost Hunter Gear

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ghost hunter gear

ghost hunter gear

WoW Arena Guide

WOW Arena is a location for battle between even numbered and “even skilled” players. It also is a good one to make  world of warcraft gold,put it simply, the literal definition of an arena is pretty much what WoW’s Arena PvP System is. Teams fight one another in a closed instanced environment to determine a winner. Winners receive either nothing (for practice mode) or Arena Points and Team Rating for team matches (at level 70). This guide, while still under construction, will serve as your one stop shop for everything WoW Arena related. The basics, strategy guides, and more will be included to ensure that you can stay ahead in the game. Be sure to check back often for updates. Arena Guides Guide Description Basic Arena Strategies and Tactics Basic strats, tactics, and tips that will help you in Arena. Warlock Strategies Information just for Warlocks! Paladin Strategies Information for Paladins! Warrior Strategies Information for Warriors! Hunter Strategies Information for Hunters! Mage Strategies Information for Mages! Shaman Strategies Information for Shamans! Druid Strategies Information for Druids! Rogue Strategies Information for Rogues! Arena Gear and Advanced Tactics Information every serious Arena Contender should know by heart! How the Arena Works The arena has deathmatch-style PvP matches against even numbers of teams (2v2, 3v3, and 5v5). There are two modes, team battle which are ranked and award special arena points that can be used to purchase various rewards and practice battles which award nothing but allow you to enjoy risk free PvP. There is no objective in arena matches outside of eliminating the other team. The simple yet majestic beauty of combat wins the day in the arena. There is nothing more here then sword vs. sword, magic vs. magic, and any combination of tactical offense and defense to create a swirling vortex of insanity and bloodlust. Poetic words out of the way, the arena works like this. You find a goblin Arena Battlemaster who will give you two choices. Skirmish mode and Rated Match mode. The differences in the two are detailed further down. You’ll come to a holding area once a match becomes available and you zone in. All buffs are removed (debuffs are left on), pets are dismissed, and you are given a 60 second buff that removes casting cost of all abilities (things like Mana and Soul Shards). During this time you can prepare for battle. Once you in zone, abilities that have more then a 15 minute cooldown and any consumable other then Bandages and Star’s Tears can not be used. This is to make fights no rely on hour long cooldown spells and make matches fairer. Once the preparation time is finished, you will be able to battle it out against the other team. The winner is decided when one side no longer has any players alive. When a player dies they can release into a ghost like spectator mode. After the battle, if it was a skirmish you’re taken back to where you signed in (after seeing the stats screen). If you were doing a Rated Match then points and rating are awarded at this time. That’s about it! Not much to it is there? Well, with simplicity comes complexity. The actual fighting itself is the most difficult part of the rules since, well, you have to defeat other teams! Skirmish In Skirmish mode you can go in and be placed in a random team (at any level, standard ten level brackets apply) to fight it out for practice in either 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5. At lower levels it’s an excellent way to practice PvP skills or just waste time. There is nothing special in this mode, no prizes or awards. Just good ‘ol fashion fighting. Rated Match In a rated match you will first need to be in an official Arena Team. To form an Arena Team you’ll need to be level 70 and have either 2, 3, or 5 people ready to sign a charter (including yourself in those numbers). Head to either The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, or the Circle of Blood in Blade’s Edge Mountains and find an . Buy a character from them (2v2 is 80g, 3v3 is 120g, 5v5 is 200g). Take the charter and have it signed by everyone who will be in the team then return it to an to seal the deal and choose a banner. You can join multiple teams and form multiple teams. You will receive Arena Points for each team that you qualify for points on. As an official Arena Team you can join Rated Matches. In these matches you will play other Arena Team’s for rating and Arena Points. Rating is awarded after a battle (and is based on your current rating vs. your enemies) while Arena Points are awarded every Tuesday morning. Team Rating determines your position and every 3 months is an end of a season. If your team is in the top 35% you’ll get a nifty title. If it’s in the top 0.5% you’ll become a Gladiator and can obtain the Armored Netherdrake. Arena Points Arena Points are used to obtain special rewards from the Arena. Similar to Honor Points, they are very useful for obtaining PvP-tuned gear without having to go through the massive trouble of PvE. They also have a somewhat simple way of handing out points. The formulas as found on WoW Europe are: X – Team Rating | Y – Arena Points Team Rating above 1,500: Y = 1426.79/(1+918.836*Power(2.71828, -0.00386405*X)) Team Rating below 1,500: Y = 0.38*X-194 2v2 teams will only receive 70% (or so I understand) of Y, 3v3 teams will only receive 80%, while 5v5 teams receive the full 100%. So say I was on a 2v2 team and had 1300 points. 0.38*1300-194 equals 300 and since I’d be on a 2v2 team I’d only receive 60% so that’d be 180 points! So the higher your rating the more points you’ll get. Your team will also need to do at least ten matches in one week to get the points, so you can’t get a high rating then sit and chill while gaining points each week. To make things even more fair, you’ll need to be in 30% of all of the teams matches that week to get arena points for them. You can hold up to 5,000 Arena Points which are then used to buy that seasons Arena Rewards. A full set of armor can cost upwards to 8,000 points so it’s always good to spend it as you get it. However, remember this season’s rewards go on sale next season (then the season after that they are discontinued). Previous seasons goods get a 15% discount.

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NewJerseyPRS Gear Guide

new and improved gadget deck! please fix and mor importantly rate?

monsters x18

big piece golem
blue thunder T-45
dark driceratops
giant rat
ancient gear beast
kycoo the ghost destroyer
yellow gadget x2
green gadget x2
red gadget x2
ancient gear gadjiltron dragon
snipe hunter
ultimate tyranno
neo-spacian grand mole
the calculator
vanity's fiend

spell x15

pot of avarice
lightning vortex x2
poison of the old man
gaia power x2
mystical space typhoon x2
enemy controller
axe of despair
heavy storm
limiter removal x2

trap x12

ultimate offering x2
trap jammer
divine wrath
cursed seal of the forbidden spell
rising energy
metal reflect slime
negate attack
sakuretsu armor
magic cylinder
draining shield

total cards x 45

3x Red Gadget
3x Yellow Gadget
3x Green Gadget
2x Banisher of the Radiance
3x Blue Thunder T-45
3x Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
1x Snipe Hunter
1x Morphing Jar
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

3x Shrink
1x Fissure
1x Limiter Removal
1x Monster Reborn
1x MST
1x Heavy Storm
1x Smashing Ground

3x Royal Oppression
1x Mirror Force
3x Dimensional Prison
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Crush Card Virus

Hope I helped.
This is a Gadget Oppression.

Yours is a 7/10.

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