Ghost Hunters Game Online

by admin on June 14, 2010

ghost hunters game online

ghost hunters game online

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Ghost Hunter

Has anybody seen any good ghost hunters drinking games ( as in sci fi show ) - just looking for halloween?

I have a small number of drinking buddies coming over and they want to watch ghost hunters live... so i thought i'd make it a duel purpose show. Life is busy, can anybody help me find a good online game?

Is idiot Brian on the team? You could take a shot everytime his dumb a$$ says "Dude".

The Ghost Hunters Drinking Game:

Sip for each irritating music cue that turns out to be an anticlimax.

Sip for each bizarre question asked of a ghost.

Sip for each exciting apparition which takes place just out of view of the camera.

Sip each time someone says, "What was that?"

Sip each time a team member reads out normal EMF background readings in an excited tone of voice.

Sip whenever TAPS misuses equipment.

Do a shot each time an explanation starts with "some people believe" or "it is believed"…

Do a shot for each EVP that you can only understand while looking at the subtitles.

Do a shot each time a team member breaks a promise to a spectral entity.

Do a shot each time Grant says "What the fej?!"

Do a shot whenever Steve feels something crawling on him.

Do a shot whenever Jay and/or Grant fail to recognize their own reflections or shadows, especially on FLIR.

Do a shot whenever someone falls over and blames it on invisible entities.

Do a shot everytime Kris flips her hair.

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