Ghost Hunting Business

by admin on January 12, 2010

ghost hunting business

ghost hunting business

Is it Really Dark or Just a Natural Occurrence in Nature? Ghosts, Truth or Fiction

For eons the human imagination has focused on things that cannot be seen or things that happen and are unexplainable. What causes this phenomenon, these paranormal activities and is the force behind them good or evil, dangerous or curious and natural or unnatural? Famous scientists and intrepid explorers have vouched at the possibility that these lingering apparitions of long deceased fellows still haunt our waking world and go out of their way, daily, to prove the existence of such paranormal occurrences.

People have photographic, cinemagraphic and witness evidence of things such as transparent spirits, Will O’ the Wisps, Headless horsemen and other paranormal activities such as objects moving without human or natural intervention, doors slamming, lights flickering, and presence of mystical orbs.

The arguments for or against these paranormal occurrences are numerous with “scientists” on either side of the argument trying to disclaim or prove what the previous one had said. Why the fascination though, why would someone try to prove something with instruments that are probably incorrect for the use in the study they are busy with in the first place? Intrepid ghost hunting has become the livelihood of many an entrepreneur willing to take advantage of the gullible nature of paranormal scientists in their quest to prove the inexplicable. Theses humble entrepreneurs go out of their way to sell paranormal scientists equipment used for ghost hunting that often cost hundreds to thousands of dollars where probably the most humble of equipment could do exactly the same job.

Do not get me wrong, I am in no way suggesting that there are no ghosts nor am I suggesting that there are, it just infuriates me to see people been taken advantage off by others who should know better. But then again if people are gullible enough to fall for such things then maybe they should be taken advantage of.

I myself am fascinated by the subject of ghosts as it plays a relatively unusual roll in the human psyche. Have your parents or even you not ever scared you or your children into behaving by telling you that this or that spirit, ghoul or other entity will come and get you or your child if there is no behaving.  Also you have often heard stories of ghosts, spirits or other entities doing good for fellows in history by leading them out of danger or even leading others to their rescue. These paranormal beings have featured in stories where they have comforted, reassured and uplifted the spirit of those around them. Yet there is always an evil element to every character and you have probably heard of paranormal happening where people have been injured, killed, and mentally scared. Now the question that one has to ask is whether the injuries were self inflicted or were they perhaps bought about through mishandlement. Look at young children that are physically hurt by these so called paranormal events, they often portrait scratches, bruises and shallow cuts and these are even bought about under controlled conditions where the children are sleeping and with nobody near them.

The arguments are often endless and tend to go in continuous circles but there is no mistaking that through out history the subject has fascinated human kind and this even before the advent of scientists. So make up your own mind about what or what not to believe but do so with an open mind and without fear. Go and do those ghost tours, find your own sightings and explore the other side of human nature and only once you have done that will you be able to say with surety that you do or do not believe in ghosts.

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I am looking for places in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire to conduct ghost hunting investigations.?

Myself and a small team of amateur ghost hunters are looking for haunting buildings in and around Biggleswade or the bedfordshire/Herfordshire area that we may conduct an investigation into. This would mean an overnight stay at the property. We are looking for not just homes but business premises and graveyards/cemeteries. Are you the owner or do you know the owners of such properties and would it be possible to enter said premises to conduct an investigation.

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