Ghost Hunting Gadgets

by admin on April 10, 2010

ghost hunting gadgets

ghost hunting gadgets

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Ghost Hunting Techniques Dale Kaczmarek Course Introduction


I just watched ghost adventures and they had this gadget called a DARK LIGHT. What on earth is a dark light? They said that it was a light that attracted spirits. I looked all over the internet ( Google,Ask,Aol,etc. ) and could find nothing on it! PLZ HELP ME!!! 🙂 (If you did help ( or answered) thank you very much!)

Dark Light is the result of Anti-Matter and Dark Matter being combined sub-atomically within a special containment chamber to produce Muons. It produces a glow that attracts ghosts like moths to a flame. The are very expensive because NASA can only allow so much Dark Matter to come back on the shuttles. You don't have to have a degree in Quantum Mechanics to get one, if you save up enough box tops and send them's a secret.

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