Ghost Hunting Groups In Pa

by admin on May 2, 2010

ghost hunting groups in pa

ghost hunting groups in pa

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Ghost Hunters (S05E01) Glen Mills, PA - Haunted Hannum House Reveal

Ghost hunting in PA???"?

Can anyone tell me of any ghost hunting groups (or something like that) in PA? preferably in the Pittsburgh area?? I am very interested in exploring supernatural more, Ive studied it on and off my whole life and want to start doing it a little more seriously now that I have time...Thanks and serious answers only!

Things you'll need for ghost hunting: a shotgun, a flashlight, a ghost call (its like the thing that hunters use to call ducks, but it calls ghosts makes a BOOOO! sound), a ghost retrieving dog (think scooby doo), and finally crispy bacon and rotten orange peels (they make good ghost bait).

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