Ghost Hunting Jason Hawes

by admin on February 10, 2010

ghost hunting jason hawes

ghost hunting jason hawes

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Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunter Q&A - Part 1

Battle of the ghost shows which one do you watch?

SciFi will be broadcasting Ghost Hunters LIVE at Waverly Hills Sanatorium while Travel Channel will be broadcasting Most Haunted Live from The Winchester Mystery House. Both groups as you know use very different methods to investigate with Most Haunted using psychics and spiritualism and Ghost Hunters using science and technology. Also there is controversy involved as Ghost Hunters (TAPS) interviewed MH's Yvette Fielding after the MH Live at Eastern State Pen. and an argument broke out and Yvette questioned TAPS' skill as investiagtors to which Jason Hawes responded that he had been a paranormal investigator for 19 years. Plus TAPS investigated the Winchester House and found NO evidence it was haunted. MH is doing a live 6 hour ghost hunt there on Oct. 19th while TAPS is doing a halloween night investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium a place they have investigated and know to be possibly haunted.

I do not watch any of them.

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