Ghost Hunting Yvette Fielding

by admin on February 7, 2010

ghost hunting yvette fielding

ghost hunting yvette fielding

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Lovebug Studio: Girls Aloud Ghost Hunting

Does anyone know how to contact Karl Beatie and Stuart from Whines and Spirits/ Most Haunted?

I'm hooked on their show Whines and Spirrits on SKY 212 but want to know i there any way I'd be able to join them on a ghost hunt. I am a nominal Christian who is highly sceptical that they realy do 'see' or sence ghosts or spirrits or are just making it up for T.V. and editing their footage in order to gain a bigger audience and that they kind of fake it for the T.V.although I do not dsbelieve the theory that there may be ghosts or spirrit I am open minded as I've yet to have convincing proof or disproof they exist or not. Finally can anyone tell why if Yvette Fielding gets that scared at the slightest noise why does she still make the programes?

Sorry but I don't know.

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