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Ghost Or Spirit? What You Are Dealing With

There are people that will tell you a ghost is a spirit and that in fact spirits don't like to be called ghost. This is true but to an extent. While ghost are spirits there is a reason we call them ghost.

Spirits tend to be someone who passed over as they should have. They most likely endured a death that, be it painful or not, was meant to be. A natural death if you will. They tend to be more kind natured and even helpful when they are around you.

A ghost is someone who has passed over tragically. Usually in a very unnatural and/or horrible way. This event leaves their spirit tangled and their interactions with us more malevolent and ill-tempered. Often this causes stress for someone and often times creates a rift for them or them and their family.

While the above is not always true, it tends to be more true than not. An example of the exception would be a young girl dying in a car wreck. Her parents can feel her around. They can almost feel that she is alright, at peace. Audio recordings are successfully captured and maybe she has relayed a message that she is in fact alright. While she died young and tragically, she has moved on. Ghost are spirits that need help moving on.

It's important to understand this difference so that you know what needs to be done. Often a spirit is around the family members that they left behind. Trying to get a message across or just watching over them. Ghost interrupt our lives and the best course of action is to try and help them as well as yourself in understanding what it is that has happened to them and what they need to move on.

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If it's gettin freezing cold when a person enters a room, what is going on???

Here is an answer I gave recently on what are some signs you might have a ghost... Via cut & paste...

I have had some good experiences with ghosts and some extremely bad experiences, of which were detrimental to my health...
Some of the signs are strange smells, like cigarette smoke, perfume, flowers, and some really bad smells, like something is dead and decaying...Also changes in temperature is a good indication, this usually occurs in one room at a time, like the smells...Things also go missing, like car keys, I have had them go missing plenty of times when I was younger and living in another place...I could search the whole house and no keys, I would have to get my then girl friend out of bed and get her to drive me in her car, and when I would come home from work, which was about 1 1/2 hours before my girl friend came home, my keys would be sitting on the kitchen table or the side dresser, and you know they weren't there in the morning or you would have seen them and avoided the drama...They weren't there when my girl friend went to work either, and that was their usual place...
Banging of doors, usually during the night, and the squeaky floor boards letting you know someone/thing is walking on them...Closed doors are open in the morning as are some drawers or cupboard doors in the kitchen...Apart from things going missing and turning up later, days later sometimes, things get rearranged...Books appear on the table in the morning, they have moved from the bookcase to the table and you know they weren't there when you went to bed, some of the books you haven't even cared to look at since you read them years beforehand...
That should give you some sort of an idea of the tell-tale signs of an entity being close by...One more thing, they can pester you for weeks even months at a time, then nothing at all for months, then they are back to it again...

Here is a personal experience, via cut & paste :-
I will tell you what happened to me when I first moved into my cottage in the country..
One night I got outta the shower and was drying myself in the lounge room and all of a sudden I was freezing cold; I was as cold as if I were naked and out in a blizzard...
I found my winter sleeping clothes(trackie daks, thermal T-shirt and a wind-cheater) and my thick woolly Pancho and I was still shivering; the temperature in my lounge room was 26C so I should have been quite comfortable in just a pair of shorts; the entity had changed my body temperature...
This happened on 3 separate occasions and I contacted a psychic medium mate of mine and we sent him to the light..
He was an adolescent child who was just having a bit of fun, but that fun could have killed me as it is not healthy to be all rugged up in winter clothing etc when it is in fact really quite warm inside the house....
I still have one entity, and he causes me no dramas at all...
In Light... )O(

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