Gohst Hunting

by admin on February 26, 2010

gohst hunting

gohst hunting

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Ghost Hunting

are gohst real plz help?

my parints keep saying gohst arnt real but i think they are just saying that to not scare me but i keep seeing things and i think my house is hunted but i think it might just b me?

I had never seen ghost in front of my eyes. But it's true that spirits live everywhere. A human being lives with many of his own spirits without his/her own knowledge. But these spirits will not go beyond limit. They have their own laws. But there are outlaws too in spirits. Certain disappointed spirits (good or bad) sometimes do some sort of things for certain period in the houses and with some human beings. Spirits use all little children for their games and fun. That's why utmost care is necessary to raise them. It's true that false beliefs should not possess the mind but at the same time certain facts must be revealed to children very earlier so that they can prepare themselves their mind to tolerate, defend and live without fear.

A human being is always living with a group of spirits which have joined one by one since childhood. Between creatures (including human beings) and God there are millions of invisible elements. There are divisions too. We are just robots in flesh created by scientist God. Each of us have memories like that of the computers'. The fed things (data= knowledge=several spirits or invisible elements) are in contact with the memories since childhood. If current (electricity) stopped the memory loses all data. This is with computer. The same thing occurs to all of us. Computers are functioning by electric power but human beings are functioning by natural power. We call this as soul. This soul is nothing but simply a power like electricity. If this is stopped our memories lose all data (all spirits or invisible elements). These spirits leave the body and go to different places. No one lives in the form of spirit or anything after death. We are simply our bodies, the toys made for spirits for their games.

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