Paranormal Investigation Tools

by admin on September 17, 2010

paranormal investigation tools

paranormal investigation tools

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Heritage Junction Park - APRA Paranormal Investigation

Ghost stuff :D?

I am starting my own ghost hunting team. It's called

Paranormal Investigation Group
(PIG for short)
I have a few questions.

Is that name taken? - if so, can you reccomend some?

How can I make some of my own tools (I'm ten and I want something that I can make easily without having to spend over 5 dollers)

And should I have more than 3 people in here? Is it ok to be a 3 man band in ghost hunting?

Hey Kat

You got some good ideas here - good luck with the team!

I think three people is a nice number to start out.

I have seen alot of folk use Radio Shack for stuff. You could also try looking at thrift stores - or write to other ghost investigation groups - let them know your age and that you are just starting out...they may donate some of their old equipment to you. Just an idea - it does not hurt to ask!

I kinda liked the "UGH" name myself...

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