Amulet Wicca Witch

by admin on December 2, 2009

Amulet Wicca Witch

Amulet Wicca Witch

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Relic Hunter -- The Warlock of Nu Theta Phi

Have any wiccans heard of a peeping stone?

Joseph Smith was suppose to be into wicca or witchcraft just wondering if this was witchcraft or Freemasonry. As an ex-wiccan I have never heard of a peep stone, unless this is real old magic or some kind of magic to find treasure.
"Abrac, from abracadabra and abraxis, is a magic word or formula used on amulets to work magic charms. Eighteenth century Masons were said to know how to conceal 'the way of obtaining the faculty of Abrac,' which implied that they knew how to get it."

Faculty of Abrac, magic circles, and soothsaying-divination and "working with the stone
witch hazel bush
Never heard of these Wicca tools or pagan or druid tools when I was a witch.
Joseph Smith founder of the LDS church.

A "peep stone" is a crystal ball used for scrying. Joseph Smith used his stone to try to find treasure, the same way a dowser uses a hazel wand to find water.

Witch Hazel is a North American shrub that produces an astringent in its leaves and bark. Native Americans and settlers used to make it by steaming the leaves and bark; these days, you can buy it in bottles at the pharmacy. Forked wands of witchhazel are used by dowsers to find water.

"Abracadabra" and "abraxas" (note correct spelling) are mystic words of ancient derivation. The word "abraxas" is actually a misspelling of the Greek "Abrasax", which was carved on gemstones used as amulets or charms. The word "abracadabra" was used as a charm to dispel disease. These charms date back to the 2nd century AD and are Gnostic in origin.

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