Essential Oil

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Essential Oil

Essential Oil

Investing In An Essential Oil Kit

Essential Oil Kits

Are you well versed with Aromatherapy? Here is some useful information about Essential Oil Kits

Aromatherapy is a recent therapeutic technique or science which makes use essential oils to build up and create a certain positive effect upon the human cells and the body as a whole. This has a very refreshing effect which is beneficial to the human body and mind. This effect is being created or induced by the special aroma or external application of these special aromatherapy essential oils.

Aromatherapy does rely very heavily upon these variety of special essential oils. If a person or an individual is very new to this aroma therapy, there are so many inexpensive ways to know and determine if aromatherapy meets his individual requirements and needs. One of these method is the use of aromatherapy item called the essential oil kit.

A basic essential oil kit should be comprised of three basic items. These items include a diffuser, aromatherapy decoder and the basic essential oils.

More specifically, there are certain essential oils, such as lavender oil, which can really help to reduce stress and help you eventually fall asleep and relax completely. Moreover, there are essential oils or aromas which can serve or stimulate to energize and refresh an individual through various aroma therapy uses and techniques. These Oils or aromas are extracted purely from basic natural elements found on our planet. These are elements which include ingredients from spices, flowers and trees etc.


As with any product there are different types of diffusers that are available to the consumer. Some of those type of diffusers found in essential oil kits include candles made from the essential oil, electric diffusers, nebulizers, or a nicely crafted container that holds the oil and is heated using a tea light.

One of the most important items which comprise an essential oil kit is an aroma therapy diffuser. Basically, an aroma therapy diffuser is an item that helps to release the healing properties of the essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. This release is accomplished when the diffuser is heated and in turn transfers that heat to the essential oil. This process allows the release of the aroma so that it can be inhaled and be used effectively in providing therapy.

Aromatherapy Decoder

An important part of an essential oil kit is an aromatherapy decoder. In order to understand the effects of the essential oils upon the body it is important to have a handy guide that clearly shares aromatherapy information with the novice.

In addition, the essential oils are defined according to their specific properties, instruction on how to use them, blending of essential oils that need to be accomplished and precautions regarding their use. When the decoder is turned the various essential oils and their corresponding therapeutic effects are highlighted. This decoder may come in different styles but basically is circular in design.

Basic Essential Oils

Basic Essential Oils generally included in the essential oil kit are Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Rosemary oil can be used for particularly for congestion in the lungs, strep germs and fatigue and counter staph. Eucalyptus essential oil can provide antiviral and antibacterial effects as well as help to clear your congestion and act as a therapeutic relief for arthritis and rheumatism. Lavender Oil produces a very calming and relaxing effect. Therefore, Lavender helps individuals to first calm down, reduce his anxiety and to sleep well.

Thus you can see how the essential oil kit will be helpful to you and benefit you when you apply and take advantage of its various curative and therapeutic values, when used under special guidance from a licensed practitioner.

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Experiment #1: Making an essential oil

Using lavender essential oil as a prentative for lice?

Yesterday I read about a cosmetologist mom that I believe uses lavender essential oil mixed with water as a rinse after washing the hair. I didn't print it off to get all the details and now I cannot find it. I have a 5 year old and the other things are so harsh on her little head. I think this might be a good preventative. Please help if you can. Thank you.

I haven't heard anything about lavendar oil, but I SWEAR by Tea Tree Oil. My poor daughter was a magnet for head lice when she was younger. After someone recommended Tea Tree Oil, she never got it again. I would put a bunch of drops in a spray bottle with water and spary it in her hair when I was brushing it in the morning and at night. I would also use the shampoo with added oil to help me get rid of the lice, and use the shampoo for regular hair washes.

It works like a charm!

Also, it is NOT true that children who have poor personal hygene get lice. I have attached a link below for more info;
Good luck!

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