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by admin on January 19, 2010

Magic Pagan

Magic Pagan

The "Four Keys" To Controlling Black Magic Spells Successfully

The four keys of casting successful Black Magic Spellsblack magic spells are extremely important. In fact, if you are missing just one of them, your odds of success will drop drastically.

They take careful training and a lot of explanation, and are out of the scope of this book. I will quickly touch on 2 of them so you get an idea, but will go over all 4 of them in detail in my Witchcraft Academy In-A-Box.

The first is imagination.

Without using your imagination when performing Magick, it is extremely difficult to send out enough energy to get successful results.

You need to be able to create a vivid image of your mind that creates emotion within you while you are casting a spell. You must also make sure that you are emotionally attached to the image in your mind's eye.

Just being able to use this first key properly will instantly take your powers to a completely new level. But unfortunately, imagination is a lost art in this day and age.

Television, video games, cell phones, and other gadgets have created an "ADD" world. People no longer have to use their imagination anymore. That is why most people never develop it properly, and why they are out of touch with Magick energy.

Using your imagination to visualize situations that your are emotionally tied to is one of the major secrets to tapping in to the hidden world of Magick.

The second is your will.

Specifically your will is made up of your focus and intent when casting a spell or performing other Magick. It is the ability to strongly visualize what you want to accomplish with your Magick as you are performing the spell or ritual.

Without a strong will for what you want, you will not get what you want with Magick.

Your Magick lives or dies with your will. Proper meditation is the key to having a strong will, and I will take you through a meditation exercise later in this book.

Meditation for boosting your focus and intent will allow you to control Magick energies any time you need them. And if you can master your ability to focus your will on the goal, you will find that you can perform Magick without even trying - even just walking down the street focusing on your goals. But that's an advanced lesson for another day.

There is much to discover about the 4 secrets of successful Magick. Today, I just wanted to give you a taste of 2 of them quickly in this book so that you have an idea of what it takes to cast successful Magick spells.

About the Author

Rose has been practicing different forms of Witchcraft for over 27 years. For more information on Black Magic Spells visit her site The Ask Rose Ariadne Witchcraft Site"

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You can check out the links in my website. Might be something there that can help. I didn't build the list, a friend gave it to me and I put it to the web.

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