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by admin on December 19, 2009

Revenge Love Wealth

Revenge Love Wealth

Part 2: the Power of Forgiveness

Life Choices and Value Judgments

Have you ever wonder why there are people who simply refuse to forgive even when forgiveness is offered? They choose to hold on to anger and unforgiveness, even lashing out in revenge to vent out the hurts. Yet, are they really happy in the end when reconciliation is no longer possible between two persons? I believe the reason is simple. They do not see any values in forgiving the offender and this is not part of their life choices to forgive, to forget and to mend brokenness.

You see, we will never do something if we do not see the value in what we do. Our life choice is a value judgment. Let me illustrate what I mean. For example, you see the value of eating a proper meal, knowing that all the intake of nutrition will provide goodness, health and energy that your body needs. Therefore, you make sure that you have your meals regularly. Another example, you see the value of studying and obtaining a degree so you give up your leisure and spend time in studying as well as to pass your exam. Lastly, you are sick in bed. Much as the idea of taking bottles of bitter medicine for 3 days sounds horrendous, you know that you have to take it in order to be well. So you hold your breath and gulp that nasty medication down your throat. Got the picture now?

For every child of God, it is important for us to realize the value that God has a far greater and higher purpose in life for your future. Until you hold on to this revelation in your heart, you will never be able to let go of the past to embrace the future that holds a far greater value. Just as you cannot put new wine into an old wine skin, the old things must pass away to make ways for new things to come. When you hold on to the past, it is like allowing the new wine to foster and expand in an old skin. Eventually, the old skin through wear and tear will break open under the pressure of the new wine. When you refused to let go of the past, you will wallow in self-pity. You will not be able to see nor taste the new things that come because your focus is on the old things. We have to let go of the past so we can live a more productive and purposeful life that God has in mind for us. If you keep looking down at the step below your feet, you will not be able to see the long road ahead that leads to a better prospect and better opportunity. You will also not be able to see how forgiveness can lead to a deeper understanding of God’s plan for your life.

God wants to bring us into a new life, give us a renewed mind to stop complaining and to stop blaming others for things that happened in your life. God wants us to take responsibility for our life. Life is 10% of what had happened and 90% of how we react to it. We can choose to be negative, angry, hateful, critical, unforgiving, and complaining or we can choose to take responsibility for our actions, our words, our thoughts and our decisions. What we choose is what we value in our life and it is also the value we into it that determines our reactions.

How then do we know what the values we hold in our life? Here are three questions that will help you determine what the values in your life are:

1. What is most important to you?

2. What you stand for, i.e. what is your principle in life?

3. What are the things you are willing to pay the price for?

What is most important to you?

Let’s take a look at Esau and what the bible says about him. Hebrew 12:16-17 says that Esau is an immoral person. He sold his birth right for a morsel of food. He exchanged what is so valuable to every first born son with a bowl of soup to curb his hunger. For every Israelite, the status of a first born son is very important. The first born son will inherit the blessings of the family from his father, be head over the household and all the wealth that goes with it. For Esau, he was willing to give all away for a bowl of soul. The Bible says that Esau realized his mistake but he was not repentant although he was mourning. But God rejected him. Why is this so? Esau was a hunter. He could hunt and find food for himself. A roasted pig probably tasted better than a bowl of soul. But for a moment of pleasure and laziness, he exchanged his birth right for a bowl of soup. He knew that his birthright was very important to every first born son. But Esau did not value what was important.

God wants to bring us to a new life. He wants us to check our life and to relook at our values in life. Are there things that you should value dearly but you didn’t? Are your priorities in life wrong? Do you trade your life for a moment of pleasure with something that is valuable?

If we judge what we value by our circumstance….

We will often devalue what is important to give value what is momentary.

What do I mean by the above? For an example, in the heat of an argument with your spouse (the circumstance), your spouse said the ‘divorce’ word. Your spouse may say it in a moment of anger but the ‘D’ word was said. And the relationship was never the same again.

You may be angry with God because He didn’t answer your answer the way you wanted it to be (circumstance). In a moment of anger, you decided that God has forsaken you and you switched off from God. And you end up losing God in your life.

In both examples, you look only at what you value at that moment in those circumstances and make wrong decisions. You did not think carefully what it means to you. For a moment of foolish, mistakes were made. Realized what your set of values is so you will not loose sight of it in a moment of circumstances and did the wrong things. It will never be the same again when you realize the mistake. It may be too late. A broken vase, although glued together, will remain broke with the visible cracks.

Let me share with you a story of how a Professor uses a jar of rocks, pebbles and sand to teach his students about values. The Professor was an expert in time management. He was teaching a group of students in the university. He took out a jar and show the students the big rocks on the table. He put the rocks into the jar and then asked the students whether the jar is filled to the fullest. One of the students said that the jar was filled up because no more rocks can be put inside the jar. The Professor then took out some small pebbles underneath his table. He put the small pebbles into the jar, gave it a shake and the pebbles fell into the jar, filling up the gaps that the rocks could not fill. He asked the students again whether the jar is fully filled. This time, the students were smart and they said ‘Not’.

The Professor then reached out from underneath his table and grabbed a box of sand and poured them into the jar. The fine sand quickly and smoothly filled in the smaller gaps that the rocks and pebbles could not fill. The Professor asked the students for the third time whether the jar was filled. Seeing that there was no more space for anything to be put in, the students all unanimously said ‘Yes’. The Professor shook his head and this time, from underneath his table, he took out a jar of water and poured it into the jar until it was spilling over the brim.

The Professor then said the jar was now filled to the fullest. He asked the students what was the meaning of this action. One of them said that it was important for them to pack their time fullest and not to waste time. More suggestions came but the Professor said that all their answers were wrong.

He proceeded to explain that the jar represents your life. The big Rocks signified the top priorities one holds in life. The top priorities in your life must go into the jar first. When the most important values and priorities in your life are put in place, then will the other smaller priorities and values come along to fill up your life. If your top priority in life is to obtain a first honor degree, then you have to order your life, plan your schedule in studies and only when you complete the schedule of studies set, then you are able to spend some leisure time at the cinema or go shopping with your friends.

God doesn’t want to live in a jungle, a life of confusion. But if you are, what should you do? Do what Isaac did. He built an altar for God, put up his tent to settle down next and finally dug a well. The altar refers to our personal walk with God. Does God hold the altar of our life or things of the world? When we get our life right with God, then everything else in life will fall into place. Our tent, which is our desires, our works, our relationships, our family, will then be established by God. The well, will be the blessings and abundance of wealth given by God.

Are there areas in your life where unforgiveness become the stumbling block preventing you from moving forward to embrace the better things in life that God has for you? Spend some time and reflect on your life choices and what your values/priorities in life are. If there are people that you need to forgive and even forgiving yourself, place them before God. In our third article on The Power of Forgivenss, we will look at what the Bible teaches us on how to forgive and to embrace the future.

Read on the next Article Part III – How to Forgive and Embrace the Future

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