Revenge Love

by admin on December 2, 2009

Revenge Love

Revenge Love

Revenge Is Not Necessarily Sweet

When a person feels slighted or wronged, it can be quite tempting for them to seek vengeance on whatever caused harm to them. The temptation for revenge is as old as time itself, and it has caused many terrible events throughout history. It can be said that these feelings are basically natural instincts; modern humans must try their best to contain these urges if they want to live peaceful lives. If, every time something occurs to anger you, you immediately look for ways to seek vengeance, you will find your life becoming less and less manageable, and people will generally begin to steer clear of you for fear of your negative attitude. Revenge can come in many forms, great and small. People often use words to get back at someone else; for instance, a good example would be if you hear about someone you know saying nasty things about you, or gossiping about you behind your back. A common way to get vengeance for this kind of slight would be to seek an "eye for an eye" on the wrongdoer: you might then go around and say unkind, terrible things about this person in order to get back at them. This really does not resolve anything, however; it simply keeps up an endless cycle of anger and hatred and there really is no true satisfaction in doing this kind of thing. Sometimes revenge can take quite drastic forms; it can even go as far as murder. Many people are killed every year due to some sort of desire for vengeance. A common scenario is a love triangle, wherein perhaps a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is caught cheating on their significant other or their spouse. This can be one of the most hurtful things to happen to a person, and the desire to get vengeance on the one that broke your heart can be very strong and primal. All too often, people take their revenge to the ultimate limit and end up killing either their significant other, or the person with whom their boyfriend or girlfriend was dallying with, or even both parties. Again, this does not accomplish anything positive; it only continues on a horrible cycle of pain and hatred. Rather than looking for vengeance at every turn, it can be far wiser and more satisfying to learn to forgive a person or persons who have wronged you in some way. Doing this does take much more discipline and maturity than simply blinding looking for revenge does, however. This is why it is far more common for older people to be more capable of forgiveness rather than younger people. You are much more likely to be forgiven by an old man, for instance, than a young teenage boy. This is because the experience of life is what enables people to rise above their primal urges and many people often learn that revenge is not so sweet as it may seem on the face of things. Learning this lesson is one of the most important things you can do; it will serve you well in the end. For more information on vengeance, visit and
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How to get revenge on a love rat BF u work with?

How can i get my own back on my love rat now ex bf, unfortunately i have to work with him. Any good tips to piss him off.

Start seeing some guy he hates.....
Spread a rumour about his tiny little winky=)
Put an ad in some local shops, cafe's window with his number
"looking for male company for friendship and maybe more"

Oh I wish I could see him get his Comeuppance!!

EDIT: The 2 guys answers above ^^ would prob work too but wouldn't be half as satisfying...!

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