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by admin on February 24, 2010

Spell Magic

Spell Magic

Want To Cast A Breakup Spell? Think Twice Before You Do

Breakup spells are bad magic.  Anytime you use the power of magic to harm another, whether it is emotionally or physically, the precious balance between good and evil is disrupted.  Inevitably, the negative power of bad magic comes back to haunt you.

A spell that is used to destroy something as good and pure as love will certainly have negative repercussions for the person who cast the spell.  Magic can be very powerful but is always best used to promote good things.  Why not cast a makeup spell instead?  This will be a much more powerful spell as it will cause the rekindling of love and there is no stronger magic than what can be accomplished by love.

You would not be alone if you claimed not believe in magic but there are many forms of magic and love is one of them.  What mom-to-be would not describe the first movements inside of her as magic?  For that matter, the very fact that conception leads to the formation of another living, feeling human being is in its own right magic.  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there is magic everywhere.

So why not expend your time and energy trying to improve the world around you and let the magic of positive thinking help you reach your goals.  Anger and hatred also have their own magic but the negative energy of these emotions only enhances pain and suffering, it does not quell it.

Imagine if everyone in the world focused his or her positive energy of improving the world?  What could people accomplish if everyone was generally looking out for what was best for their fellow man as well as themselves.

The problems of ignorance and suffering around the world could be wiped out entirely.  Considering this, using your personal magic to hurt others seems petty and small.  No, everyone involved, including you, will be much better off if you use your powers of persuasion to win back an ex, not break up the relationship that he or she may currently be involved in.

If you have been considering casting a breakup spell, you should take some time to figure out exactly what is driving you to cause pain to others.  You will probably realize that it is negative emotions like hurt and anger that are driving your desire and not the positive emotion of love.

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Forget about casting a breakup spell. If it is a recent breakup that is fueling your negative emotions, then perhaps you should watch these videos: the magic of making up They show you ways to rekindle an old flame using the good magic of love.

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