Tachyon Pendant

by admin on February 12, 2010

Tachyon Pendant

Tachyon Pendant

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Orbz & Plazma

I just bought a weird "energy" pendant by mistake...is it ok to wear such a thing??

Hi, well I just bought on e-bay some pendant that well look nice lol, that's why I wanted it, and bid for it, but then I read the description or at leat tried to cause it was like a whle book written there lol and it said something about "Orgone Tachyon Fusion Receiver Pendant" and it says "This pendant has Tachyon antenna and Orgone antenna and shield technology" , and it says it's something to neutralize negative energy and stuff, and believe me people really gave me a fight fro the pendant and I was hoping they won it after I read the description lol but oh well i won the thing...and at least looks nice! lol...the thing is that I have no idea what the guy that sold it to me is talking to me! all this energy stuff...ok I kinda understand but ..."antenna" ?....ok so know I'm gonna be a radio or something? lol...you know maybe this is not even true lol, but ..just in case...I'm kinda curious and scared...do you know what all this is? Thank You

Its just sort of charm that some people think holds a power. Dont know that one but probalby some life energy type thing. Suposed to draw in energy or something. Isnt going to do anything. If its against your beliefs to wear something of that nature, then dont. But otherwise, if you like it, then wear it.

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