Angel Reading

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Angel Reading

Angel Reading

Guardian Angels - Do We All Have Guardian Angels

These are compelling questions, and for answers, we can begin looking at both the stories of Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed. We can read about them in the Bible, the Koran, the writings from Babylon, Ur, ancient Persia, the ancient (and modern) Greece, Egypt and even India and China.

In so many societies and cultures (and many without cultural contact) Angels seem to play the role of messengers of God (or the Gods), and their purposes are as varied as are the tasks required.

They heal and teach (as in Tobias, and take on human form), they destroy (as in Sodom), the expel (as in Eden), they console and strengthen (as in Garden of Gethsemane), they foretell and explain (as in Daniel), they reveal (as in the Koran), and much more.

All the above is from ancient times, and writings of our ancestors, but how about today?

Without much effort, we all know stories of the improbable and even impossible with our friends, family and in the news. Is all this just co-incidence or the intervention of some divine power (Angels for example)?

Even a reading of the Arabian Nights offers direct answers to the above question. This is something that is not yet proved by modern scientific evidence, but on the other hand, there is universal acceptance of Angelic existence.

This itself can be offered as evidence. A Time magazine survey found out that 69% of people questioned believed in Angels.

What are Angels?

From all traditional sacred writings, it seems that Angels were created as messengers of God. The Judeo-Christian Scriptures disclose that God created nine orders of angels:

They are the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels. Most people seem to know only the two Archangels Michael, and Gabriel. However, the Christian Church has another four, which include Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, and Sariel. That makes 7 Archangels, but there is yet another, which is Lucifer. The fallen Angel of Light. It was he who opposed God's plan.

Most, if not all humanity, knows about, and somehow believes in this particular Angel's existence (and works!)

Guardian Angels. Who are they?

They seem to be spiritual beings assigned to each soul to follow, guide and assist that soul in its earthly journey. The Jewish religion, nor the Christian Church have not clearly defined what Guardian Angels are, but there are two direct mentions (and many more) that give credence to their existence and roles.

The first is from St.Jerome who said, "how great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it." The next was from Jesus Himself who said (Mathew ) "See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven."

So if there are Guardian Angels, and everyone has one, how can be contact them and obtain their assistance directly?

The answer if very simple, ask them.

If you sincerely and seriously pose questions or requests to your Guardian Angel, you shall receive a direct and appropriate reply or response. It's a simple as that.

If you are very quiet and still, and keep your mind and thoughts quiet, you can often hear the rustling of wings, or a cooling and refreshing rush of air. Sometimes you can hear angelic sounds (like celestial music), or a feeling of great peace comes over you.

Further, there is a wonderful prayer (non-sectarian in nature) that if said with all sincerity and positive expectations that it will be answered, can put you in direct conscious contact with your Guardian Angel. The prayer can be said at any time.

Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side to light and guard and rule and guide. Amen.

There are also Angels who rule over special days, birthdays, events, and more, and in addition to your Guardian Angel.

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