Attract Money

by admin on May 22, 2007

Attract Money

Attract Money

The Law Of Attraction & You: How To Attract Money

3 Top Tips For How to Attract Money

Out of all the thingsthat folks wish to attract, money is certainly one of the top Big 3 - which are, as every child knows: health, wealth & happiness.

As someone who has studied the law of attraction, including Abraham Hicks and "The Secret" for the past several years, not to mention ancient Eastern philosophies and metaphysics for decades before that, I feel somewhat qualified to give you my top tips for doing so.

I'm not rich in the traditional sense yet, but I do spend most of my life doing what I love - a large part of which is writing and teaching folks how to live their dreams. For most dreams, this requires knowing how to attract money. Otherwise the "need" to earn it on the traditional treadmill of selling your time by the hour, (otherwise called a "job"), becomes a necessity that can keep you and your dreams apart.

Let's begin with a "don't". I avoid these in my writing as a rule because I think it makes you do it more - as for instance, if I tell you not to think of elephants right now, your mind will doubtless fill with images of the beasts!

However, where the law of attraction is concerned, and especially when it comes to how to attract money, this one is paramount and I can't think of a better way to phrase it.

Don't expect money.

It's that simple. That doesn't mean money won't come, but how to attract money is not done by expecting money. You are keeping you & money apart. Why? Because you're still thinking of not having money!

There's an old proverb that goes, "Do what you love and the money will follow." Well it might, but not if you're doing what you love for the money!

That brings me to top how to attract money tip #1:

How to attract money Tip 1: Love what you do.

That, you will observe, is the reverse of "do what you love." This doesn't mean that if you hate cleaning out the cupboards you've got to begin enjoying it. It means loving yourself first. Come from a happy, joyful disposition and you will find time flying by and that you are enjoying yourself regardless of what you are doing!

This is relatively simple to do. If you despise cleaning cupbards and it's a chore you have to do, you will create images in your head of all that you hate about it, and you will resist with all your might.

Instead, listen to comedy or sing at full tilt to your favourite rock stars - do whatever you need to do to feel good as you complete the job. Nowadays, with Bluetooth and hands-free phones, you could possibly talk to your best buddy while you do it!

Okay, next.

How to attract money Tip #2. Find an alternative to worry!

I've written an entire book aboutthis, but here's the idea in a nutshell. Worry, (about anything), is the most useless problem solving notion anyone ever dreamed up. If you have a worrying thought, (that's to say an uncomfortable tingling in your brain about something), that's ok as long as you take it as a hint to turn things around!

It's not a signal for you to dwell on the issue for ever and a day! Doing so is guaranteed to make the law of attraction work to bring you precisely what you are focussing on: lack of money!

Instead, treat it as a signal that you are about to think of a way to be resourceful and find a way to attract money.

Which brings me to top tip number 3.

How To Attract Money Tip #3: Remember you are your biggest resource!

Money isn't your resource - you are! Money comes to you because you do something that other people value. The secret to how to attract money is to remember that other people value you! They value your skills, your reliability, your talent, your personality and your uniqueness. That's you!

Frankly, you can always find a way to render yourself of value - and the more you love whatever it is, the more valuable you will be, because you will make other people feel good. Did you know there are people who get paid high fees to clean out other people's closets because they do it with style and with good humour and they make it fun?

If you think money isn't coming because your job just made you redundant, you are in the wrong place, dear reader. Your job has very little to do with your power to attract money! It just happened to be the vehicle you'd been using for a while as your meansof how to attract money!

Here's a few things practically anybody can do to attract money, food, shelter and friendship. None of these require training or qualifications of any sort:

Shop for elderly or disabled people.
Clean people's vehicles.
Dig people's vegetable patches.
Clean their windows.
Look after their pets
Give their children a lift to school. (Okay, you need a
drivers' licence for this).

With a little more expertise, you could:

Put attic bric-a-brac on ebay for folks and split the profits.
(You need a computer and a digital camera!)

Cook for kids parties.

Sing at functions.

Give after dinner speeches.

Are you getting the hang of this? You have endless resources!

Which brings us back where we started! You will be doing something you love.

One final thing, I'd like to point out is something so obvious that no one I've ever said this to has thought of it. Are you ready?

You are the only one of you that's ever lived! No one in the past, present or future has ever thought your thoughts, created your ideas or had your exact experiences or personality. Even if you were an identical twin, you're still unique!

This makes you the most valuable gem on planet Earth!

And if that doesn't make you worthy of attracting money in enormous abundance, then nothing does!
How To Attract Money

About the Author Finally is an explanation of how to attract money. The author is a law of attraction expert and counselor.

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What simple spells to attract luck and money can you recommend me, i'm in need?

1 - I never ask for payment for any help I give. I did not become a Witch to make money off of other people or their needs.

#2 - Of course I want to know what is behind the asking. If they intend to harm someone else, manipulate another, or do something for a completely selfish need; the magick will only backfire and come back to hurt them. I wouldn't give a child a loaded gun and say, "now you be careful with that while you play with it", the asker is the child, a spell could be the very gun that hurts another.

#3 - If I give someone a spell, I try to teach them its how, when, why, where, what and who; they need to understand everything it is about, the consequences, and they need to understand their own need for it.



The spell is at the heart of folk magick. it is simply a ritual in which various tools are purposefully used, the goal is fully stated (in words, pictures or within the mind) & energy is moved to bring about the needed result.

Spells can be as simple as reciting a short chant over a fresh rose while placing it between 2 pink candles in order to draw love; forming & retaining an image of the needed result in the mind; or placing a quartz crystal in a sunny window for protection purposes.

To perform effective magick - 3 necessities must be present: The Need, the Emotion & the Knowledge.

It has been said that magick was the first religion, & that if you lovingly utilize the forces of nature to cause beneficial change, you also become one of them.

It is these powers that have been personified as Goddesses & Gods. Attuning with them is a spiritual experience & is the basic of all true religion.


@Wiccan Witch - the Pagan path of Wicca does NOT have an exclusive on the Craft; please stop posting this inaccuracy. Thank you.

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