Black Stone

by admin on May 2, 2005

Black Stone

Black Stone

Black Granite Offers Your Kitchen a Modern Outlook

If you are planning a "modern" kitchen with stainless steel appliances and want a black stone for your worktops, black granite may be a good choice for what you need. Black granite offers many of the same benefits as marble. Both are stone materials and have demonstrated their lasting quality in many uses throughout the ages. Durable against the temperatures that are common in household kitchens, they also hold up to exposure to moisture. This makes them easy to care for and easy to clean. Both are essential in many kitchens.

Black granite you can find in sleek, black colorings. You will often find grays and silvers in these stones making them natural color matches for the metallic colors of many modern kitchens. It is important to keep in mind that natural materials do vary though. If have a particular color scheme for your kitchen already chosen then you may want to use pictures of those colors to compare the actual photos of the black granite you may receive. It is also important to consider the life of a black granite worktop. These stone worktops can last through the life of your kitchen. This potential can make a choice that considers the future of your kitchen a rewarding one. In addition to black granite there are a number of other colors and when considering the life of your kitchen you may find another color that includes blacks and grays to be a more suitable choice.

You can find many standard choices of colors online. You can also find a number of different suppliers of black granite online. When possible you may prefer to seek out a local supplier. You can find local and regional suppliers online. When you are ready to contact a supplier you should consider sharing not only your decision with the supplier, but also the color scheme you are working with and your plans for the future of your kitchen. The supplier may be able to provide you with options you were not aware of and will also be able to share the varieties they have available that fit the choice you made. A little care can be a rewarding thing in the choice of your black granite. Learning all that you will use from all the sources available can help you to make the best choice for your project. You can start your search now by searching for "black granite" using your favorite search engine.

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Found black speckled stone, could this be a meteorite ?

Prodominant colour is black / dark gray with white / off white angular inclusions of 1/2mm to 6mm in size. The ratio of white inclusions to black stone are about 40 : 60 approx. Stone is irregular in shape, size is 16cm x 12cm x 5cm approx. Weight 1.5Kg Is it possible that this stone is part of an old brocken meteorite.
how do you put a picture on ?

Just some basic methods for you to determine if this is a meteorite...

1) Does it seem heavy for its size?
2) Is it solid inside, where broken? A meteorite will not be porous like lava rock.
3) If you grind off a small piece from it, do you see any shiny metal surface?
4) Is it magnetic?
5) Is it black or brown on the outside?

If the answers to these questions are Yes, then what you have is probably a meteorite.

El Chistoso

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