Cash Riches

by admin on October 4, 2003

Cash Riches

Cash Riches

Discovered. How to Find Cash Rich Niches For Free

Niches can be found in generally two types of markets; the passion market and the solution market.

The passion market is a market where people consistantly spend money because they are passionate about their interest. Passionate markets include such things as sporting interests or hobbies. Therefore niches involving golf, tennis, fishing generally pay well because enthusiasts are hungry for information about their passion.

Solution markets are seeking answers on "how to" do something. How to lose weight or how to make money online would fall into this category.

To be profitable in either of these markets, you should have some interest in the topic you are marketing. Equally as important you need to find niches that people want and are willing to spend money in.

There are numerous products on the market to help you discover these hidden niches. While these are good, free resources can be equally as profitable.

Here are my Top 5 tactics for discovering high paying niche markets for FREE:


No matter what your interest there is generally a forum or discussion board on the net about it. Simply type in your interest and add the word forum after it. For example when I typed in golf forum, these are a few suggestions that appeared:

Inside you'll discover people asking questions about golf. What are the best golf courses, who makes the best clubs, how can I improve my swing etc. These are niches that need servicing and people are prepared to pay for assistance.

One of the biggest forum directories in the world is Big Boards This is a great place to start your research.


With over 10,000 digital products available Clickbank provides you with the opportunity to promote solutions to people using other people's products.

Firstly, go to Clickbank and establish a free account for yourself. Once complete click on Marketplace to discover all the categories available for hidden niches.

Enter each category and arrange the items according to popularity. Here you are looking for items that have a high gravity rating. This means they are selling well and you can earn money. Generally a gravity of 100 + is what you are looking for


This is a great free service that you can subsribe to to recieve information about what niches are hot. Grab a free subscription today Niche a Day


Want to discover what the latest rends are? Need to know who is searching for what? This is the place to be. Check out Lycos 50


Here's a great little website where people can subsribe for free and list their goals. Once again, simple categories these by popularity to discover what people are seeking solutions for. Weight loss is very popular here. Check out 43 Things

If you spend a bit of time researching the passion market or solution market in the above free sources, you'll come up with tons of great profit bearing niches that you can make in today.

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I want to make a bit of extra cash in the UK. I have a full time job but just want something for the evening?

I currently work in North Wales. I work Monday to Friday 9 - 5.30 in an office. I'm looking for something I can do in my own home to make some extra cash. I'm not looking for a get rich quick scheme or something that claims to make thousands of pounds a months/year. All I'm looking for is something simple that will make me £50 or £100 extra cash a week. Stuffing envelopes, bagging items etc etc Anything really! If anyone has some suggestions I would be glad to here them. But please no pyramid schemes or anything that is going to take of hours and hours of my week. Thanks

When you find it please let us all know!

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