Cast Wiccan

by admin on March 13, 2004

Cast Wiccan

Cast Wiccan

Simple Love Spells and the Wiccan Way

If you happen to be feeling isolated from the world, or if you feel that the right man is taking too long, then you should try to make use of different kinds of spells. By doing so, you would now have the capability to find the prince of your life, and eventually live a fairy tale that you thought only happens in your dreams.

When it comes to the most renowned and top of the line works that are considered to be mystical and has a great influence on love spells, then that would surely be the Wiccan teaching. This kind of teaching is holding on to the belief wherein it says that when it comes to happenings that involve magic and on the other hand, ordinary events, both are actually similar.

Thinking about the most effective as well as the most powerful love spell would no longer be necessary because as long as you become familiar with Wiccan Love Spells then that is all that you would ever need. Despite the fact that a lot of centuries have already past, still it remains the same that this Wiccan tradition still keeps on making a difference, in the sense that more and more people are now able to see the different side of love and even of passion.

It would be very easy to ascertain if a person is actually a believer of the tradition of Wiccans, simply because these believers know by heart, and simply abide by the Wiccan’s rule of three. In this regard, believers no matter what this believer does, he or she would surely be rewarded, a lot more than what the person did. Because of this, it should be taken into consideration that the spells that you would intend to use should be appropriate and that the intention that you have is also appropriate and right.

As long as one has a pure intention, then you will surely be able to get the kind of result or rather, outcome that you have always wanted, in the sense that you would get an opportunity to become closer to the person that you have always wanted to be with.

It should also be taken note of that the intention should also be pure so that all the more would the Wiccan love spell that you are going to make use of will surely be effective and of course, the most fitting one.By making use of the impersonal angle of the love spells of Wiccan, you are sure to get the best results which in turn would allow you to feel the sense of fulfillment.

You should make sure that the love spell that you would make use of will give you the capability to be with the woman or man that you really like. In order to maximize the use of different love spells, one may also make use of these love spells in order to make your self even more attractive, and pleasing to any man or woman’s eyes.

Find love spells that will bring you the man or woman. Instead of focusing on one person, use love spells that will enhance your attractiveness so you will be more appealing to the opposite sex.  Because these love spells have no restrictions, it is the responsibility of the spell caster to make sure that his or her reasons for casting the love spells are not corrupted by selfish motives.

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The Circle Is Cast-Wicca

Could a pagan or a wiccan please cast a spell for me?

I'm down on my luck to the point where I've become pretty desperate for any for any kind of help. I've been unemployed for several months now, I'm down to my last dollars and I don't know if I'll be able to pay my next month's rent. On top of this I have a collection agency calling me everyday, several times a day to get me to pay for bills even though I've explained to them several times that I can't. I'm having such a hard time finding a new job and things have been so bad for me lately that I'm open to trying anything that will help improve my life. I'm looking for a pagan or a wiccan that would be kind enough to cast a spell for me that would help me to find a new job. You have my permission to cast a spell that would help improve my life and I'm open to the idea. Anyone who's a skeptic, or doesn't believe in spells please don't respond. My life is bad enough already and I don't need for you to mock me.

Cast your own spell, although it works better if you believe in Wiccan. It sounds to me like you are neither Pagan nor wican but are looking for any spritual means to allieve your suffering.
Send a prayer up to your God(s) instead of trying spellcasting. The two are very similar:
Light a candle or incense
Look up to the sky
Recite - "Please (Omnicints name here) relieve my suffering,
I am unworthy of your kindness but please have pitty & charity on me,
I am in ned & if it is your desire please relieve my suffering."

See, spell casting & prayers aren't much different.

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