Crystal Ball

by admin on December 23, 2003

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

In the Crystal Ball - Mobile Phones and Mobile Broadband in 2008!

Join me as I look into my crystal ball to see what mobile phones and mobile broadband will be hot in 2008!
Mobile phones - into the future!

So, as we roll on through 2008, what can we expect from the world of mobile phones? What surprises are in store for us? Well, first off, we're going to see new features in phones. 2007 was dominated by two types of 'feature-phone': the camera phone and the music phone (best dionstrated by the Sony Ericsson brandings of Cyber-Shot and Walkman). In 2008, one feature we're going to see MUCH more of is GPS, or to put it another way, mobile phones with sat nav built in. Even just in the next couple of months, loads have been announced; the Nokia N82, the Samsung G810, the Sony Ericsson X1 and so on and so on. 2008 is definitely GPS's year!

Another big area is entertainment, specifically gaming and mobile TV, both of which are set to make their big splash in 2008. On the gaming front, both Nokia and Apple are pushing headlong into the market, with the N-Gage platform on Nokia mobile phones, and Apps Store on the iPhone. Lots of big name publishers have signed up already, so expect mobile version of the best games on the amrket! And then, of course, there is one mobile phone (if it happens) that will really be the ultimate gaming phone (if they release it, which they haven't said they will, but let's face it, they'd be stupid not to). That's the Sony PSP-Phone.

Mobile TV is a bit harder to pin down, but now that the EU have finally decided on one standard to use, there's nothing to stop this going stratospheric!
Mobile Broadband - the future of the internet!

Mobile broadband is something that, I can almost guarantee, you hadn't heard of 6 months ago. And yet, in that short time, it's grown from everyone going, "Eh? What's that?" to people going, "THIS IS THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET"! It may sound obvious what it is, but mobile broadband is, quite simply, broadband when you're mobile. See? Simple!

Ok, maybe I can explain it a bit better than that (after all, why should mobile phones get all the love?!). Imagine you're on the internet, on your laptop. Imagine that you're surfing around, and doing everything that you'd do on your home PC. Now, imagine that you're doing all that at broadband speeds (anywhere up to 7.2Mbps, currently). NOW imagine that you're doing that in a field, nowhere near a destop connection, or a WiFi hotspot. That's mobile broadband. And that's why it is the future of the internet. Broadband wherever you are, whenever you want. Personally, I can't wait!

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No positive proof either way, but it can't hurt. Well water is the way to go if possible! Especially to drink....that is IF it is a decent well with low iron oxide content which makes the water sorta reddish family has an excellent well that has great tasting water and it is easier on the skin and hair as well as the clothing.

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