Djinn Jinn

by admin on February 1, 2009

Djinn Jinn

Djinn Jinn

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The Djinn - The One Unseen

The Q'ran says jinn can take human form. Why might it, and what could it do that a human cannot?

I'm basing this question on the Q'ran, but it's far from the only source of material upon the myth of the jinn/djinn/et al. In speculating about "why", I'm looking for as many possible reasons (in general) as you can think of. You don't need to base your response exclusively upon the Q''ran, but if you're responding based on some reference mythology external to the Q'ran, I would find it useful if you made this known.

Thanks. 🙂
Additionally, I am curious about jinn in human form who apparently have forgotten that they are jinn - would the amnesia most likely be a deliberate thing to help it carry out its "mission", or would there be causes for such amnesia that would run counter to the jinn's intent?

I am seeing angels all the time recently, dreaming of earthquakes, noticing signs in nature and I am not a muslim. Just spiritual. I have found out the Church and State have lied to us all all our lives. I have talked to Raphael and Michael and know that those who destroy the earth and the people and abuse power are getting a free ticket to hell.

The angel appear to me as human. Some of the spirits are like fairies, i havent seen them but i heard them singing in the meadow one day. some type of folk music that gypsies would sing.

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