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by admin on March 24, 2008

Energy Witch

Energy Witch

Zibo production of functional glass for energy-saving and very wonderful

To better implement the city's economic work conference and the City, "two sessions" the spirit of the availability of a "switch mode adjustable structure Zibo in Action" column, reports related to business, industry change the growth mode, adjust the industrial structure of experience and practice and the New Year plan.

    Mr. Lee, who lives Yihai family moved to replace the function of a glass, functional glass feel bring real benefits. "Using the radiation of glass, even if no heating in winter, air-conditioned home will re-open a closed room where the temperature can be maintained very well." Why, because the radiation coating to the glass partition outside the air-conditioning, the house refracted through the glass and hot air return, compared with ordinary glass, saving at least 50%. This figure is undoubtedly amazing in.

    Ordinary glass will "change" as a magical function of the glass, this is the reason for the success of Shengda Group: Production products others can not, adjust the industrial structure, extend the industrial chain, which is the inevitable choice for the survival and development.

    From the Olympic Games to the Games, from venues to the Capital Airport, the horizontal crystal glass, twists and turns and changes in adherence to a share of the same pursuit: innovation while reducing costs, energy conservation principle Some other products we have, others do not have products we have to have, the only way the market will never be lost.

    Secretary general manager told the author following the victory, the functions of Shengda glass filled with many varieties of the province, the country's blank. "Radiation coated glass can be produced only our family, 18K gold glass There is no other family can produce. Developing new products constantly adjust the product structure is the primary means to keep the market and competitors, to the user more options," Your low price, good quality, while maintaining the aesthetic saving and environmental protection, who can refuse to use your glass? "

    In the interview, I learned that the city of more than 90% of the functions of public buildings to use glass, are Shengda production. "I've always believed that with the people on the function of increasing the awareness of glass, it will be more widely used in civil construction on."
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Ask a Witch: 'Raising the Energy'

Witches: How do you banish negative energy in your home?

Do you have your own ritual/spell? Please share!
I don't mean "evil spirits" and such.
I mean negative energy. Also what do you do to STOP negative energy from coming in to your house?

The most important things I do to keep negative energy out of my home are:

(1) I keep work and home life geographically and psychologically separate - this has nothing to do with ritual, it's plain common sense;

(2) I ground every evening on the way home on the train;

(3) I make a ritual cleansing at each virgin moon and full moon before casting a circle. There is nothing fancy about the way I do that ... I pass the hoover, I pass a ritual broom, I burn sprigs of rosemary from the bush in the garden and I vocalise banishment of the unwanted energy from my house.

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