Ghost Hunting

by admin on December 31, 2003

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

Go On A Ghost Hunt – If You Dare

Whether you visit Wales, York, Staffordshire or even London, the UK is rich in potential paranormal activity, making a ghost hunt an excellent proposition for a good time. Where there is tragic history such as murder or war, there is the chance of ghostly hauntings of poor souls left behind. Why bother with typical touristy group outings when you can hunt for ghosts instead?

What You Are Getting into

Many people enjoy a good scare. That is why horror movies and books are so popular. In fact, one of the most popular television shows today is about a psychic medium that can see and talk to dead people. How cool would it be to meet someone who could do this in real life?

Take that ghostly campfire story to a whole new level and go with your friends on a ghost hunt with a paranormal tour group. Because much of the history of Europe is based on bloodshed on battle fields, castle dungeons and even behind closed doors of the rich and famous, these locations are unsurprisingly the most popular places to host ghost tours.

A few locations boast such a hotbed of paranormal activity that some tour groups will only allow adults 18 years of age and older to participate. If you go on a ghost hunt, be prepared to go late at night until early morning hours. Dress comfortably and wear sensible shoes since sometimes you will have to climb stairs or walk on uneven surfaces in the dark.

Choose a Prepared Tour Company

When seeking out a tour company that offers paranormal options, choose one that is well prepared for a variety of events. For instance, a good tour company will have ghost hunting equipment for you to borrow so you have a chance of witnessing ghost activity. They will also have extra personnel on hand to take you or a member of your group out of a ghost hunt if the situation is too scary or intense for them.

A good tour company will tell you that it is always best to be prepared in the event of a ghost sighting. Therefore, if they do not provide you with a flashlight, bring your own. Ask about whether they have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies. For sure, the tour company should not provide any alcohol which may negatively intensify a paranormal situation. And if some tours allow for solo exploring, they should provide you with a walkie-talkie so you are always in touch with the group tour leader.

If possible, book a tour that is led by an actual psychic medium as they are best equipped to find and deal with paranormal activity. You don't have to necessarily believe in ghosts to book a tour. Go on a ghost hunt – if you dare!

About the Author

Compass Paranormal are group specialists in the area of UK paranormal events and ghost hunt experts. Check out their site for information about upcoming events and tips for getting the most out of your ghost hunt.

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I'm interested in ghost hunting, what type of equipment do i need to start?

are there a lot of people on the ghost hunting field. And what type of equipment is necessary?

1. You or someone in your group needs to be a sensitive.

2. you need a tape or dihital recorder with a seperate microphone.

3. a magnetimeter and very sensitive thermometer (to detect temperatire changes would be very useful.

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