Good Fortune

by admin on August 23, 2009

Good Fortune

Good Fortune

What is The Good Fortune Symbols in China

According to the ancient customs, Chinese people believe they can attract “Good Luck” if they take “lucky” objects or speak “lucky” words and this customs has already passed down until now. Therefore, Auspicious Chinese symbols are found everywhere – on arts, crafts, architecture, household objects, and are part of celebrations, special occasions etc.
For example:
1.    ?, this is a Chinese character, and means "Happiness", "Good Fortune" or "Luck" in general. It is usually decorated on Chinese Knots, painting, or other goods.
2.    Chinese scepter, it is usually called “RuYi” in China, which means “Everything as you wish”. In other words, things are going as desired. The shape of the Chinese scepter is said to be derived from the "magic fungus of immortality" lingzhi or reishi in Japanese.
3.    “?”, this is a Chinese character, and means “Longevity”, it is very popular among the Chinese good fortune symbols. Such is the esteemed value of shou in China that many homes display this Chinese longevity symbol.
The crane, tortoise, peach, pine tree, etc, are all have the meaning of “Longevity” in China.
4.    “?” , it is consisted with two Chinese characters “?”, and means “celebration” or “happy”. The Chinese double happiness symbol is synonymous with marriage. In ancient time, it is usually decorated on the Chinese paper cutting. The red paper cuts of xi are pasted on doors and walls of Chinese weddings and in the bridal chamber, and it represents the wish for the two young newlyweds to have happiness together. But now, you can see this character everywhere.
5.    “Fish” is the ultimate symbol of wealth and abundance, for its sounds like abundance. As such, business people love to place a bowl of gold fish in their offices or homes as a wealth symbol. It is usually combined with a little boy and lotus and means “Successive years of abundance”. This is because the word for “lotus” lian is pronounced the same as the word for “continuous”.
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Good Fortune - PJ Harvey

Which requires more mental strength: the ability to withstand misfortune or good fortune?

which requires more mental strength: the ability to withstand misfortune, or the ability to cope with good fortune?
the stamina to get through a hard trial in life, or the ability to accept good fortune?

For people whose reaction to misfortune is cooler than their reaction to something good happening and things taking a good turn..what is the underlying issue and problem and how can they better cope with good fortune?

Is the psychology at work in such a case, a fear of misfortune visiting upon oneself again? Is it the sheer power of having become accustomed to misfortune? Is it a lack of confidence or "self esteem" if self esteem exists?

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

well, both things will pass with time, so I'm not sure mental strength is really the issue, it's will power.

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