Hand Blended Metaphysical

by admin on December 19, 2004

Hand Blended Metaphysical

Hand Blended Metaphysical

A Blending Of Spiritualities

Religion and spirituality were intrinsic to just about everything Ancient Egyptians did daily and everything had some kind of spiritual and religious significance; both religion and spirituality were a natural part of everyday life. Ancient Egyptians believed that the gods and goddesses were everywhere, in everything, and influenced everything. "Magic(k)" or Heka (seemingly akin to "ritual" practices mores in those times), spirituality, and religion were inseparable because these worked hand-in-hand, neither being thought as either good or evil practices. Ancient Egyptian religion, now referred to as Kemeticism in modern times, was indeed an Earth- or Nature-based religion and remains so today.

Heka can be witnessed in every facet of Ancient Egyptian life, for example, in maternity and childbirth, agriculture, herbal medicine and healing, governmental affairs, language, bereavement, and mummification and the afterlife. The energy and the elementals played important roles too in the practice of heka as with that of the Craft. The Ancient Egyptians were a very ceremonial culture in their practices of heka, from peasants to priests and priestesses to the pharaohs. The Coffin Texts were a collection of Ancient Egyptian funerary texts consisting of spells (often referred to as "utterances") or magical (alchemical) formulae which had been painted or inscribed on the burial coffins of the First Intermediate period (c. 2130–1939 BCE) and the Middle Kingdom (1938–c. 1600? BCE). The Coffin Texts, combined with the Pyramid Texts, were the primary components of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which were in prominent use during the New Kingdom and Late period.

One should consider the likelihood that there are some shared or similar qualities and personalities between the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon and those of the Craft. Once a new practitioner of Kemeticism and the Craft sees the relationship between the Neteru, the Divine Ancient Egyptian cosmology and aeons, metaphysical principles (i.e., the triadic relationship and symbolism of Ausar, Auset, and Heru), and how both religions manifest themselves in Nature, only then will one begin to become cognizant of how Kemeticism, Wicca and Witchcraft can be blended synergistically.

About the Author

About the Author:

Dr. Sahure is a practicing Alternative Spiritualist, ordained Kemetic Wiccan minister and Spiritual Counselor, traditional herbalist, senior researcher with the Antiquus Research Group and the author of many noteworthy essays and articles about a variety of topics and subjects, including herbalism, ancient history and mythology, ancient Egyptian religion (Kemeticism), metaphysical sciences, ancient religions and theology, astrology, tarot, and other divination systems.

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