Haunted Doll

by admin on July 13, 2006

Haunted Doll

Haunted Doll

The 'secret' to Finding Ghosts

The 'Secret', a new movie about the 'Law of Attraction' is very popular right now. What it says is that we are always attracting things to ourselves either consciously or unconsciously, and the movie makes a persuasive case for that premise

What we talk about we attract into our lives. What we think about we are inviting into our lives. That's it in a nutshell.

When I saw the 'Secret' it made me wonder about Ghosts and Hauntings, because, hey, if you are thinking about Ghosts, and talking about Hauntings, then aren't you inviting them into your life too?

My son, Brian, runs a hobby site called Scareo.com and we spend a lot of time visiting haunted places to document what we can of Ghosts and Ghost stories. We are planning some big trips next year, like Waverly and Gettysburg. On those occasions we will lay out a sleeping bag on the battlefield, or in a spooky looking room, and spend the night, talking and taking pictures and recordings.

During these visits we think about Ghosts, talk about Ghosts and what indication there may be that they exist, and that they are near us.

Some evidence exists that people see what they expect to see, and as far as spiritual and mystical phenomena go, there was an interesting movie from 2002 called 'Mothman Prophecies'. In it the lead character visits an expert on the creatures visiting Point Pleasant West Virginia. He asks what causes the strange things happening to him and the expert says.

"You noticed them, they noticed that you noticed them".

It was a very eerie line, and it got worse as the expert outlines the possible future for the character from the movie, John Klein.

It seems that for a while, the whole town of Point Pleasant had Ghosts in mind, and they all reported seeing the 'Mothman' creatures for several years.

It's common in the urban legend type of haunting we find, too. These are the volunteers in restaurants, or on airplanes who want to tell us about the old house they lived in. Some people love to share their scary stories, and it's one of the most fun things about the hobby.

Lots of these stories sound familiar:

At first it's merely a cup that got displaced, later it's a shadow in a window, a few weeks later they have apparitions haunting the whole dwelling. Sometimes the Ghost will move a doll, or turn off a light, and the (human) resident will notice it, and even talk to the spirit.

There was a painter, I wish I could remember his name, wrote a book about his experiences. He went from town to town painting the local haunted houses, the owners would walk out to see the painting, often offer to buy it, and tell the story of the home. In the painters' book he related the same phenomenon, that the more attention you give the spirit, the more likely it will come.

So, after 15 years of looking, perhaps I can look forward to my first real encounter with a Ghost. And since I've heard it can be extremely terrifying the first time, maybe after it happens I'll quit looking.

About the Author

Jeffrey Peterson runs a Health Insurance agency for California, Nevada and Utah. He helps his son, Brian, run Scareo.com a Ghost investigation hobby site.

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robert the doll

The haunted doll?????

Okay so earlier I asked you guys what i should do with my haunted doll well ive tried just about everything and from that person that said she believed me thankyou! I have been looking out for weird things and quite a few have happend ever since i posted that on yahoo like forexample: i will walk away and when i come back she will be faced another way or i told her i was scared of her even tho shes a doll! And its like shes trying to scare me I scence fear but i also sence supernatural is this thing real or is my mind playing tricks with me?
I dont think your physco thankyou for believing me! Yes she has been haunting me ever since I was 9 when i first moved here i had a dream of her! I went out to the living room to my suprise she was looking at me and she winked just like in my dream please email me at jasminofficial@yahoo.com feel free to answer again!

First let me state I do not believe in the paranormal or angels/demons/religious stuff.

Now that we have that out of the way.....

Many years ago I was part of a paranormal research team that set up shop for over 2 years in an abandoned 5 story "haunted" hospital. During those two years I did an insane amount of research which included different kinds of haunts/ghosts and demon/possession stuff.

I did notice a trend that everything even close to being from a "credible source" (and I use that lightly considering I believe nothing of it at all) it was almost unanimous that in-adamant objects cannot be possessed.


Now, is this true? Who knows.

They continue to say that something else is moving the object (Example:the doll) to create the illusion of life.

So the doll is not alive, never was alive, and never can be alive. Something else is moving it willfully.

The reasons given vary from Demons wanting to create fear which they feed upon to gain strength to mischievous ghosts simply having fun with the living.

Regardless of what the truth is or is not, one thing is for sure : The doll is not alive, it cannot hurt you, and being afraid of it will only hurt your situation (ghosts or not).

I suggest you throw the doll away. If this is not possible (valuable, not yours, etc etc) Simply pack the doll away somewhere. The sooner you take it from your sight the sooner it will be forgotten.

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