Haunted Porcelain

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Haunted Porcelain

Haunted Porcelain

Some Of England's Best Beaches Are Found At St. Austell - Cornwall

The old market town of St. Austell - Cornwall is in close proximity to the coastline in the county of Cornwall, England. For a number of centuries it derived its income from mining. But its fortunes changed for the better when, in the 18th Century, William Cookworthy found that the area was rich in kaolin.

The mineral, kaolin, is very similar to china clay. This was mainly used to manufacture porcelain, but the paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries also utilized it. This discovery enabled the town to grow rapidly and it became the corner stone of St Austell's industry. It has been estimated that in present day currency, the industry would now be worth around 15 billion pounds.

Unfortunately, it fell to its knees when less expensive materials were sourced. However the years of prosperity can be seen on the landscape. Giant conical banks have been left in the wake of the clay pits. The locals call them the Cornish Alps.

Fortunately, another long established enterprise is still flourishing. This is the St Austell Brewery which was founded by Walter Hicks during 1851. It is Cornwall's largest brewery and it owns a string of licensed pubs. Tours of the brewery are available on certain days.

The tour will give you a fascinating look at the brewing systems which are almost the same as they were 159 years ago. An interactive museum illustrates the brewery's history and how wine, spirits and beer used to be made. You will hear some interesting stories about the families who made them.

It cannot be said that St Austell's is Cornwall's main tourist attraction. But it does however boast magnificent beaches. In fact it is often called the Cornish Riviera. The busiest resort is Carlyon Bay, near Porthpean Beach and Duporth Beach. Those preferring to swim in a more tranquil atmosphere will find Polkerris Beach perfect.

The delightful town of Charlestown serves as St Austell's port. Old sailing ships are frequently seen here. A number of television series and movies have been filmed in this area. The film 'Poldark' was a notable one. And the shooting of 'The Onedin Line', a popular TV series, also took place in Charlestown.

A huge indoor center called Kidzworld will ensure that no child suffers with boredom in St. Austell - Cornwall. There are plenty exciting activities for kids over the age of two. A few worth mentioning are the haunted house known as the Turrets of Terror, the Giant Tubes, and the Spooky Maze.

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Haunted House Dress Ups?

The theme for our school disco is haunted house... what are some good things to dress up as... we were thinking along the lines of the scary porcelain dolls but not sure what we would wear and how we would do it!!! Any ideas?? also are there any better ideas?

What you'd need to do scary porcelain dolls - lots of white makeup and heavy makeup around the eyes and lips. With vacant expressions, you could be pretty creepy. Especially if one looked a little like a clown - or like the clown in Poltergeist or something. Eek. Anyway, for th dress, I'd say get something formal looking from a second hand store and tear it up to make it look worn.

Any type of clothing ripped up and dirtied would be good for haunted house, maybe with traditional white makeup and black eyes, with a little blue tint to look dead. Should be fun!

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