Haunted Vampire

by admin on April 19, 2003

Haunted Vampire

Haunted Vampire

The Vampire Diaries Tv Series

Vampire love has taken the world by storm. So many teens and adults have grown to thirst for story lines similar to Stephanie Meyer's popular Twilight series. But fans of vampire love stories may not have to wait until fall to enjoy the next vampire romance. The CW's new TV series, The Vampire Diaries, has many of the same qualities as Meyer's Twilight books.

Every good vampire romance must have extremely good looking vampires for humans to lust after. The Vampire Diaries does not disappoint.

Stephen is The Vampire Diaries' Edward. He is new to town and a new student at the high school. He is hauntingly good looking and all the girls are interested in him, but he only has eyes for Elena. Like Edward, Stephen has chosen to live a "vegetarian" lifestyle and feeds off of animals only. He is hundreds of years old and has returned to Mystic Falls for a specific purpose.

Damon is Stephen's older brother who appears at the end of the pilot episode. Damon plays the role of the villain. He is more violent than Stephen and still feeds off of humans. Damon is torturing Stephen because of an incident that happened with a woman named Katherine who died 100 years ago.

Like Twilight, the heroine is human, and a vampire is in love with her. She of course has a circle of friends and family who add to the story.

Elena is The Vampire Diaries Bella. She is the story's heroine and Stephen's love interest. She is a pretty, popular girl at the school whose parents died a few months before in a tragic car accident. She is still suffering from the loss and is immediately drawn to Stephen's good looks and charm.

Vampire Diaries follows Elena, a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers.  Four months after the tragic car accident that killed their parents, 17-year-old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, DeGrassi: The Next Generation) and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen, Everwood) are still trying to cope with their grief and move on with their lives. Elena has always been the star student; beautiful, popular and involved with school and friends, but now she finds herself struggling to hide her sadness from the world.

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Can a vampire be haunted by his own ghost?

If a vampire loses his soul when he becomes undead, and a ghost is a manifestation of the soul of the departed, doesn't it make sense that he could haunt himself?

Good question. I have never thought of that one. It could make for an interesting story. The Ghost trying to warn victims or to save the vampire or whatever. You could play the whole good versus evil thing. The current vampire fad should have died down at about the time the book is ready and be due for a resurgence.

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