Life Pendant

by admin on May 31, 2009

Life Pendant

Life Pendant

A Pattern for the All-in-all: Dragon Pendant

An entire, fascinating array of mythological representations deals with the significance that the All-in-All bears upon the whole, “unabridged” version of the creation and perpetual establishment of the world and of everything the world shelters. The serpent that bites its tail is one such recurrent representation. Now think about our modern, contemporaneous times: we seem to have lost all of that appreciation for such powerful symbols. However, for those of us for whom life-related representations still matter, there is a manner of making this attitude known: a simple, yet exquisite piece of jewelry.

A Dragon pendant is what you need if you want to ascertain your tribute for the comprehensiveness of existence. As a plus, beyond the mythological reference attached to it, there is also an elegant, delicate aspect this piece of jewelry provides. It practically matches any stylish outfit. Whether you have a preference for gold or silver bijoux, a Dragon pendant will certainly fit your taste. Embellishing a nicely cut evening dress, the pendant will create around you an aura of charm and delicacy. However, depending on the dress as well, your outfit will instantly turn into a glamorous, exotic display of good taste when this pendant completes it.

In point of fact, this is what is amazing about the Dragon pendant: it appears to fit two contradictory aspects that not just any other bijou will fit. This pendant will match perfectly complexity, sophistication, the same as it will match simplicity, discreteness. The reason behind this versatility of function lies, once again, in the background significance attached to the serpent eating its tail. Due to the fact that this mythological “creature” stands for the fullness of the world and of its existence, the pendant reproducing it actually reproduces its value of meaning. Once the value of meaning is absorbed, this exquisite piece of jewelry is endowed with the power to adjust to any display of good taste.

There’s a statement of refinement and pure symmetry in the overall appearance of a Dragon pendant. This is the symmetry only harmony and indivisibility are able to designate. And the self-eating serpent is closely connected to the notions of unity and constant regeneration in unity. This is why a Dragon pendant successfully and elegantly deals with such contradictory dimensions. In unity, sophistication and simplicity meet and complete each other.

However, the serpent is not the single symbol of fullness embedded in this particular pendant. The shape of the pendant could stand alone for such a meaning. The rounded interfering rings which build the pendant reiterate the symbol of perfection and completeness. Subsequently, a Dragon bijou which blends form and content in such a harmonious manner is what you need in order to perfect, to give that final, exquisite touch to your appearance. It would prove unnecessary to talk about the beneficial energies which will surround you the instant you allow this Dragon bijou complete your outfit.

If you want to make a statement of good taste, a Dragon pendant will do all the “talking” for such an attitude. You must admit it: this seems like a rather too challenging task to be achieved by a single piece of jewelry. Yet it is possible if you look deeper in the construction and the significance behind the construction of this Dragon bijou. The elegant design, the ovoid shapes interacting, the dragon biting its tail – they all speak for the completeness they will bestow on your appearance. Think of it like this: this piece of jewelry will help you solve the puzzle of an outfit which somehow seems unfinished. You know it best: this happens too frequently – you cannot decide on what final piece of elegant “equipment” you could add to your outfit in order to “wrap it up”. Well, you may be certain that an exquisite piece of embellishment such as a Dragon pendant will do its job marvelously.

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If you are looking for a special item of jewelry always fit for completing your outfit, a Dragon pendant might just be your best possible choice. Don’t miss the opportunity of looking really chic: this bijou will provide it 100%.

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