Love Passion Spell

by admin on December 25, 2008

Love Passion Spell

Love Passion Spell

Love Letters: Is There A Right Time To Send A Letter?

Do you know when to send a romantic letter? Many people save romantic letters only for those red letter days of romance: Valentine's Day, anniversaries, a wedding day. Sending a romantic letter shouldn't be reserved for just the typical days of love. A romantic letter can make any day a special day between lovers. It can transform a plain old week day into a new romantic holiday. Sending an unexpected romantic letter tells a loved one that he/she is thought of on those days when no one said this is a day to say I love you.

What are some days when you might want to send a romantic letter? Well, knowing when to send a romantic letter can be as simple as thinking about the days when you are overwhelmed by love for your partner. Many days will immediately leap to mind. The birth of a child is a day many memorialize with a romantic letter. In fact many romantic letters are associated with children. Parents often find that the milestones in their children's lives remind them of how much they love their spouses. A child's first day in school can be the occasion for sending a romantic letter. A child's graduation from school is another day to commemorate with a romantic letter. The marriage of a child can also kindle romantic thoughts in a child's parents. All of these circumstances are reasons for sending romantic letters.

Some of the best times to send a romantic letter though are those days when there seems to be no reason whatsoever for writing a love letter. Consider sending a romantic letter not just when your loved one looked particularly beautiful. A romantic letter may be particularly appreciated when a woman is feeling like she doesn't look her best. A loving letter sent by a wife when a husband is feeling out of shape or overweight can be both a pick me up and an incentive.

Of course, a person might want to send a letter after a night of sensual bliss. How exciting in later years to pick up a missive and recall a moment of passion. A romantic letter might even inspire another episode of lovemaking. Again, though sending an unexpected romantic letter in the middle of a stressful week can lift a person's spirits and remind him/her why the hard work is all worth it.

In a time when cell phones and e-mail make actual handwritten letters less and less common sending a romantic letter speaks to the heart and to the soul. Not only has that but a romantic letter gives a loved one a touchstone for recalling a touch, a word, a moment. A romantic letter says that you cared enough to sit down, take pen in hand and tell a person how much he/she means to you. How can there ever be a wrong time to send a romantic letter?

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