Magic Spell

by admin on September 20, 2006

Magic Spell

Magic Spell

Magic Spells

A spell is by definition an act that has its roots in paranormal or magical grounds and affects reality using liturgical or ritual means. Spells differ in two important ways, when they are meant to see into the future they are called augury or divination but when their purpose is to put someone in control they are called incantations or enchantments. From ancient times spells have been a major component of Pagan religions and can still be found today in some; however Islam and Christianity strictly forbid these practices.

Magic spells originated in the Neolithic period when magic was a common belief and has been around for thousands of years practiced in acceptance and in clandestine locations. Magic is viewed as taboo by many countries and people and practitioners have been persecuted especially in Christian areas and in some past era's .Fortunately nowadays, magic is protected by the freedom of belief act which is active in most of the countries in the world.

Spells have various forms and compositions but the most common one is:

-Preparation-In this stage all the needed elements are gathered in one place, fasting and pray are done and the whole procession is planned.

-Overture-This creates a magical environment suitable for the magic act that follows and reinforces the belief amongst participants.

-Invocation-This is where the wizard invokes supernatural forces to aid him in completing the ritual and giving it superior strength

-Execution-This is the stage in which all acts that are required to perform a successful spell are completed

-Sacrifice-This step includes the ritual killing of some form of animal to please the gods.

-Closure-This is the last part of the spell that finishes the magical act and shuts off the magical environment created earlier.

There are 2 types of magic, if the means or the goal of the spell is deemed illegal or immoral then the spell is called black, but if the spell is done using regular, legal and moral ways then it is considered white.

Magical rituals and instruments include the usage of magical wands, magical words that are said during rituals, magical circles and the use of sigils and symbols.

Spells where originally created by humans to explain what science did not explain until that point, and so things that could not be explained by normal means where deemed magical. Magic spells where used throughout the ages to bring back loved ones, call for rain, call for sun, curse an opponent and many other uses.

Magic spells and the use of magic has been widely viewed as taboo in the middle ages and even now, and practitioners where persecuted and killed for their use of magical spells, but the formulas and art has survived until this day.

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