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by admin on May 12, 2004

Minute Psychic

Minute Psychic

Free Online Psychic Advice – Consumer Beware

It is not hard to find an online psychic who offers free advice. Whether or not this advice is accurate is another story. What you will see most often is a website that has at least a few different psychics to choose from. They will offer you a few minutes of psychic advice for no charge either on the telephone or by a quick email. Why do these psychics offer this free advice?

There is a very good reason for free online psychic advice. The plan is to hopefully leave you desperately wanting more accurate answers and therefore have you pay money for a full reading. It is a marketing tactic that has been proven to work. There is nothing wrong with offering the first few minutes of a psychic reading for free. However you are extremely unlikely to really get any answers to your questions or any worthwhile information. The term ‘you get what you pay for’ can sometimes very much be true.

Many psychics will offer their free advice in the way of an astrology reading, a numerology chart or a tarot or palmistry reading. These can be fascinating and may give you accurate knowledge about yourself. Though they may be geared to your birthday or your palm, they will still be very generic. They will likely give you just enough information to have you wanting much more. Sometimes the psychics will ask you to answer a few simple questions for them such as your date of birth, your time of birth, your place of birth and your sex. The answers to these questions will allow the psychics to give you a more accurate reading.

It can be fun to get free online psychic advice. The great thing about the internet is that we have access to so many gifted people from all over the world. Just beware though and do your research. Make sure the psychic is reputable and worth even of free advice. Even though you are not paying for it, it is nice to know it is at least semi accurate. Free online psychic advice can be informational and fun but it will always be surface information only. Anything more will likely require a paid full reading.

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To learn much more about free online psychic advice as well as how to find a free online psychic visit YourPsychicResource.com where you’ll find this and much more, including a fun free psychic test.

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Miss Cleo hawking 99 cents-a-minute psychic advice

Does anyone else have a psychic baby?

My daughter (4 weeks tomorrow) has the ability to sense when I am just getting ready to drift off to sleep or spend just 2 minutes to myself. That's when she starts crying.
It's amazing how it happens EVERY TIME.

Does your child have a radar like mine?

LOL... here I was ready to launch into telling you all about how my baby always stares at this one spot in the corner of our room near the ceiling... there's nothing there but she just looks and laughs and smiles at this "nothing"
But... yes, she does definitely does have an ability to sense when I am about to have me time... and she does not think it is fair one bit:)

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