Money Luck

by admin on April 12, 2005

Money Luck

Money Luck

Maths Vs Lady Luck: the Truth Behind Lady Luck and Online Gambling

In most cases, people contend that gambling is a game of chance that is why all winning bets are based on lady luck.

Most gamblers would insist that lady luck is the goddess of fate and chances of winning the game. They tend to believe that one stroke of lady luck on a players fate would definitely bring about winning streaks and endless shots of fame and fortune.

However, the concept of lady luck is basically based entirely on the fate of the person and not on the skill of the player depending on the game he or she is about to play.

No wonder why people always utter, “There goes lady luck again” to somebody who consistently wins the game.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the so-called lady luck is not always consistent from day one until day two or three.

On its entirety, the truth behind lady luck is basically dependent on the stroke of luck that falls upon the person right at that very moment.

On the other hand, mathematicians argue that they can combat lady luck into a more realistic viewpoint by using numbers instead of fate or what their stars tell them.

That is why critics of the “gaming industry” would rather call blackjack, roulettes, and other games in the casinos as part of the gaming industry and not gambling industry because they want to let the people believe that the probabilities of winning is not based on chances or some kind of lady luck but on the mathematical statistics of every move.

The Drawback behind Lady Luck

The problem with people relying on their lady luck to smile at them so as to ward off any bad luck is that the modern game tends to fall back on the superstitious beliefs of most primitive people.

Most of the losers tend to believe that they can ward off bad luck by using some techniques such as spreading some salts to ward off bad elements that bring bad luck.

Some even contend that the color of the clothes attract lady luck to come and sit with them.

The Conclusion

Consider this; some mathematicians contend that the odds of having or getting a royal flush are 1 in 649,739. This goes to show that if people will solely rely to lady luck, chances are they will definitely lose more than winning.

The bottom line: gambling is not about winning, it is entirely based on losing. The only winner is the casino owner who calls for the so-called “house advantage” and there is no lady luck to the rescue.

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