Moon Ritual

by admin on September 21, 2008

Moon Ritual

Moon Ritual

Weird Ritual

Unable to flee from ensconced self,

he wanted to say something,

between yes and no.

Between yes and yes, he said no.

Tried to become dauntless

which he was not.

Picked up an accurate timing

for a weird ritual

for burning his fingers.

Between faith and cogitating

he wanted a dignified retreat.

It was straining the beautiful wing

body cracking up eternity, in flight

nothing hardens up. Clouds want

something to happen, rain or sleet,

Of course the pledge was hot and bleak.

Nemesis was a secret fear, blind, unorthodox.

Highr"way was blocked for miles,


so far away and so near,

moon was coming on a cloud.


About the Author

Satish Verma

Satish Verma was born in 1935, did his post graduation in Botany in 1957.
At the age of 18, he started writing poems in Hindi and got them published in various journals. In 1957 he started a literary journal called Lahar (The Wave...) which immediately became a grand success and sold like hot cakes.
In the early 60's he successfully tried his hand at translating the classic works of Ravindra Nath Tagore like Balaka, Jyoti-Kanikain and Manimal into Hindi which were hailed as landmarks in the art and craft of translation.
His versatility and creativity almost goaded him to compose poems of a different sort and a class by themselves which came out in volumes like Prayaas and 1974 and Other Poems.
In 1980 his first- ever collection of English poems called INWARD JOURNEY saw the light of the day, which was well received and reviewed in various journals and magazines in India and abroad.
And all these years he was teaching Botany to graduate students.
In 1980 itself he started a social project of Holistic therapies called SEWA MANDIR which in due course of time has become the biggest institute of charitable kind in Asia. Sewa Mandir, however, was also in a way responsible for making Satish the poet undergo a long hibernation. And for about 25 years he did not write a single word.
And suddenly the creating urge erupted almost in a volcanic fashion and for the last two years he has been writing literally daily without any compromise with profundity, infact.
He has been rightly called "a talented poet" by Mark O'Connor, the Olympic poet of Australia and John Kinsella has found "Certainly something interesting and spiritual and tough! happening" in the poetry of Satish Verma. While Christopher Rollason has been impressed by "a strong and elegant line, forcible rhythms, and memorable use of alliteration and assonance" in the recent masterpieces of Satish Verma, E.E. Sule finds Satish's poems "exhilarating" exhibiting "a restless spirit in a surrealistic quest..." .
Satish's poems written during the last couple of years will shortly be published in his forthcoming volume called Beyonds & Betwēon.
Presently he lives in Ajmer, INDIA.
He can also be reached at = For résumé. = For Publication.

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Full Moon Ritual

what are the basic *only full moon* Wiccan ritual ideas?

for full moon what is like the things you only do for Full moon

A basic full moon ritual would consist of everyone gathering in circle, having a designated priestess cast the circle so that all the participants are in sacred space. Then she would invoke the Goddess (usually a moon goddess is chosen to be invoked), and then she invokes each of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit). Sometimes this is done the other way - elements then Goddess, it's really up to the priestess. Then the priestess can lead a short guided meditation focusing on the phases of the moon and ending at the full, using the meditation to give the people something they wish to manifest. Then usually a chant or song is sung, energy is raised by dancing or moving or a spiral dance, and then the energy is sent by raising a "cone of energy". The priestess then thanks/devokes the elements and the Goddess, and opens the circle. We often have "moon cakes" or round, white cookies to eat, and some juice (or wine if there are no AA or underage folks involved).

I hope that helped! Email me off list if you would like more help or need Goddess names or meditation ideas.

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