Necklace Witch

by admin on October 21, 2006

Necklace Witch

Necklace Witch

Personalizing your own Halloween Costume

To fit in with every kind of celebration, costumes are readily available. Market today offers a lot of this with a very acceptable price. But you can actually create a personalized one it is very enjoyable, inexpensive and simple to do. Consumers really have a great role in this Halloween festivity.

What is Halloween? It is usually observed on October 31. And it is called “eve of all saints day”. The first who celebrated this festival are the Celtic people and now it is well accepted by the children in Canada, America and Great Britain. They usually wear witches and ghost costumes and knock door to door to ask for candies.

A saying says” A ghost going out in public might like to get dressed up a little”. In same manner you also need to dress up a little by putting lashes around your eyes and put lipstick in your lips. You can also put it on your checks.

Necklace and earrings can also add some effects that make you more realistic. To those who have a long beard you can put color to it and for you to look fantastic, you can have your large clothes painted with fabric indicator. You also need to make sure that you will wear an inexpensive wig and hat.

If your concept is like of that scare crow in jeepers’ creepers, wear a fabric shirt and fade out jeans with big patches, and a rope belt with a cuff of your jeans and sleeves. In your jeans and shirts put plastic cellophanes, straws and a little bit of paper to it.

For those who want to be old men just have an attire of having a flannel mans hat, and put a grayish color in your hair. To be like mummies in Egypt cover your body with white bandages and walk like a stiff-legged one. It will really work completely.  In making your costumes, always make sure to be creative and original.

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A Necklace of Witches Wood

Do you think Norine from big brother is a witch?

Reason why I ask is because she has some sort of follow me boy/ Come to me sort of spell thing going on I looked at a necklace she was wearing and it was the charmed symbol meaning power of three basically I think shes a craft believer.

Its like shes getting the negative sides of an Attraction spell also because shes attracting stalkers prime example of an attracting spell going wrong.

Anyone agree if not correct me If Im wrong
Dont get me wrong shes pretty and all I jus think she practices the craft I didnt mean witch in a BAD way=)
ok minus the necklace she still has some kind of power.

Witches dont cast bad spells only the kind that do good and help people.Noreen is definately not a witch,she calls herself a catholic whitch makes more sense.

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