Orgone Pendant

by admin on June 20, 2005

Orgone Pendant

Orgone Pendant

Emf Protection

Many people now believe that modern day equipment such as cell phones and computers give off ‘bad energy'. In truth, everything electrical gives off some kind of Electro Magnetic Field or Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMF/EMR). This energy became known as orgone.

It was Dr Wilhelm Reich who pioneered work to reduce the effects of orgone. He had been working on libido with Freud until the breakout of war when he fled the Nazis to America. He continued his work, but to the conservative Americans it was very controversial. This led to his work being stopped and after refusing to abide by the restrictions set by the US government, he was eventually jailed.

In the process of his work, Dr Reich deduced that we all absorbed energy from around us. This energy (orgone) affected our wellbeing and made us lethargic. Dr Reich developed a system where the orgone was filtered out. He made big boxes out of layers of metal sheet and layers of organic material, usually wood or cotton. The metal attracted the orgone and released it into the organic material. Patients would sit inside the box and be subjected to high doses of concentrated orgone. The idea was that the bad energy would be absorbed by the organic material and the patient would be left with a great sense of wellbeing. He conducted tests on cancer patients who appear to have been cured. The same method has been used by drug addicts to help them come off drugs.

It is his theory, combined with crystals that balance our energy, which is the route of EMF protection. Dr Reich's original theory was flawed as his system could not tell the difference between good and bad energy. The addition of crystals overcomes this problem. The boxes that Dr Reich pioneered are gone and today's EMF protection is usually contained in jewelry or small ornaments.

About the Author is an innovative company that has studied the effects of EMF/EMR and specializes in products for electromagnetic protection. Kay Simmons is a writer for www.lifeenergysolutions.comm who has many years experience in holistic therapies.

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Do Orgone pendants actually work?

Yes they do!
I am an energy healer and I can see and feel energy very well.
I have used and made various orgone devices in the past and have found them to be very helpful.

When I have worn orgone pendants, I find that I stay grounded throughout the day, and I feel very clear minded, have more energy, my aura looks and feels more solid, and I am able to heal faster (physically and energetically).

I highly recommend them

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