Pagan Magick

by admin on September 27, 2003

Pagan Magick

Pagan Magick

The Essence of White Magick

White Magick utilizes positive energies for beneficial and constructive purposes. It's the practice of using our creative forces to manifest spiritually uplifting purposes that are aligned with the law of Karma. When we work to increase happiness in our lives, we also need to evaluate all sides of our goal to ensure that we don't hurt anyone in the process.

White magick is that which protects people from evil energies and psychic manipulation that may be performed by practitioners of black magick who have a tendency to think short-term for obvious monetary satisfaction. Eventually the law of Karma catches up with them. Some of us go through a lot of frustration without being aware that it's the negative outcome of our previous actions.

For example, guns are a common tool for "protection" in some countries. Are they really protecting us? Just the thoughts of owning a gun or the vision of hurting someone is enough to cause us more harm. Remember that thoughts are energies too!

White Magick overcomes this hurdle by evaluating all our actions before we initiate them. If we are trying to help someone gain wealth, or we ourselves are trying to get a new job that we love, we have to add to our spell working the condition that no one gets hurt in the process.

Before we do any spell, we usually create a protective sphere of protection so that it keeps any evil or negative energies lurking around the area. This is an example of white magick since it's performed to keep us safe and is not intended to harm anyone.

For all spells, it's good to add the phrase "With harm to none" in the chants to indicate that you are performing white magick. Sometimes we are not aware that we are hurting someone. For instance, if we want our lover to return to us, we may be forcing him or her to do this against their will. This is a case of psychic spell working and may negatively affect us in the future.

If we are absolutely sure that we don't need any negativity from the spells, we have to add the above to all the spells. Remember that many spells may not work when this is added especially if anyone is hurt by it. If we hope to get a job or win the lottery by magick and someone else is more deserving of it, our spell won't work and the deserving person will get the job or the money.

When we work magickal spells, we have to make sure that we deserve what we ask for. For that, we have to build up good karma. White magick ensures that we do not add to the karma debt, instead we build up our good karmic bank balance.

If we are aware of the sacredness of life on earth and the vital importance of sustaining this planet's natural resources, we have already added to our positive karma. By taking good care of ourselves, conserving water and other energies, opposing war and the governments that espouse it and thinking globally, we can add immensely to our karma balance sheet.

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how to react to threats from a pagan?

Alain just threatened me cause I exposed his tarot card fraud so he couldn't scam anyone out of money -- He's going to cast a spell on me being a high magickan I find his actions quite ammusing I'm curious to know what other Pagans and magick practioners think I should do and how i should react I'm quite tempted to use Red magick or just ignore him and know what ever he does will bounce straight back at him --- passive or aggressive that is the question
those who answered before please do so again
some git got the last one deleted -- gee hard to guess who that was
thanks u & sky thats pretty much the way i was leaning also
no fire i'm not a kid I just like to make examples out idiots who think they can do magick if you think you can write any crap and get your points i'll just report you then you loose ten instead of gaining 2

Oh, let him.

See if he has the skills. People who tell someone they are doing magic generally fail.

"To Will
To Know
To Dare
To Keep Secret."

The last one is quite important.

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