Pagan Witch

by admin on September 30, 2006

Pagan Witch

Pagan Witch

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Pagans only - Do you accept the existence of other Pagan paths?

Many times I have come into contact with a fellow Pagan who believes that his/her chosen path is the only correct Pagan path. No matter what information I give them about my beliefs, they think it is a wrong choice, and should follow their ways.

Of course, these are the same type of people who go ballistic when someone of a Christian sect says the same to them. Isn't that being hypocritical?

Pagan Witch who follows the Greek Pantheon, and no, I won't be changing to please anyone.

I accept the existence of other pagan religions, and also the abrahamic religions, but I don't incorporate any of their practices into my own, I simply accept that they have their beliefs, and I have mine. Beyond that I don't care. I have no interest in their beliefs, in sharing them, or in getting them to embrace my beliefs. Provided they treat my beliefs likewise, I have no problem.

The reason people try to make their beliefs superior to others and they only "true" belief within pagan circles (where there is rarely any religious teaching mandating such a position) is insecurity in ones own faith. They feel unsure about their own beliefs so by demeaning others and marginalising them, it makes them feel stronger about their own beliefs. It's similar to the behaviour of the "cowardly bully" in a school playground. (This is also true of most abrahamics, the only difference is that being religiously mandated they can justify it in their religious doctrine, and secondly, some feel obligated to participate in the ritual demeaning of other faiths through group pressure, which is generally, though not always, absent in pagan paths).

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